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Published on March 6th, 2014 | by Rima J Pundir

FAB BAG PICKS: Super Quick Hair

Many of us have become quite adept with makeup and do look like divas when we step out. But are we as talented with hair? Here are some quick picks I love!

I have curly hair that frizzes if run through with a brush or comb when dry. My usual upkeep is a shampoo, conditioner and a brush through while my hair are still damp – and then air-dry. My curls remain but after a while, this style becomes a tad boring. So, when in need of a genius solution, here’s what I do to my hair…

Something Fishy?

Till I was in college, I used to hate braids – had enough of a school-going lifetime of those. But after I discovered the French braid, the messy braid and many other braids, I fell in love in with them. My favourite is a fishtail braid and to me, it looks good on medium to long hair, thin ends et al.  Divide your detangled hair into two sections. Then pull a thin strand of hair from the outer section of the first part and pull it over the first part and add it under the second section on the other side. Basically the strand of hair goes over the first section and finishes under the second section. Then do the same on the other side and keep alternating until you see your fishtail form! Keep the strands thin and start neat – you can mess it up later.

A braidy band

This is basically inspired from Grecian hairstyles and Blake Lively! Take a small section  from somewhere around the temple and braid it into a neat one. Flip to the other side and secure with a pin and let your hair cover the ends naturally. You can wear this single braid as it – keeping your hair loose or even a pony, or repeat this step a couple of times to create a braided hippie-headband of sorts!

A forked tail?

Start with sleek hair for this – blow dry into submission and curl up the ends, outwards. Then take a teasing comb and tease your roots around the crown of your head to get a nice lift. Pull your hair back and comb very gently to sleek up but don’t lose the lift and then tie back at the middle of your head – it has to be a mid-high pony. That little out-curl will keep the pony bouncy!

All knotted up

Long hair is a problem to deal with when dirty and with an event looming up. Skip the wash and blow dry. Just make a glamorous low “knot” bun. Part your hair at the centre and then slick back into a low ponytail – secured with a tight rubberband. Keep coiling the pony until it wraps around its base like a knot! Secure with bobby pins or another rubber band. And that’s it – done!

Bounce pony bounce!

My hair are too curly and heavy for a sleek pony, but that’s mean I don’t band it up! Try a teased side pony! Sweep your mane back and to one side into a side ponytail and then tie with a rubber band. Tease the top part of its base to get a slight pouf  for some extra style and volume.

Hair products we love:

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