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Published on March 7th, 2014 | by Jehan Raffiuddin

FAB WOMAN: Vaishali Kasture

Managing Director at an Investment Bank, named among the ‘Hottest Young Executives to watch out for’ in Business Today 2010, the Winner of several marathons across India, First Indian woman to qualify for the legendary Boston Marathon, pet lover and a mom – Today we bring you the one and only Vaishali Kasture. Read on as her story is of late awakening but one that inspires

Vaishali- (2)


A large number of medals and ribbons hang high on Vaishali Kasture’s office wall. This Managing Director is a marathon runner — in the literal sense — and the medals are some of the recognitions she has received for her running over the years. Vaishali’s defining moment came recently when she qualified for this year’s Boston Marathon, scheduled to be held on April 21. She may be the first Indian woman national to qualify for the event. “If you’re an amateur who has done Boston, it’s like you’re an amateur who has gone to the Olympics,” says Kasture. Vaishali has been running only since 2010, but already has two ultra marathons, two full marathons, over 30 half-marathons and 10K competitions under her belt.

Vaishali Kasture’s CV bristles with big names and key postings —Citibank, then stints with HP (formerly EDS) business MphasiS and in Japan and Hong Kong. Back in India, she found herself chased by headhunters with lucrative banking offers, but she joined Infosys BPO and helped it build its focus on non-voice business. She then established the global hedge fund administrator Fulcrum’s India office. One of the toughest challenges Vaishali has faced is transitioning 700 funds to India from North America in 12 months. Being a managing director for operations, particularly for an investment banking firm, Vaishali manages 300 people and puts in 10 hours everyday at work. And when running became her priority, she felt the most important thing was to have a disciplined training programme and a time target in mind. As part of her training program, Vaishali makes sure to run an hour on weekdays while she stretches on weekends. Vaishali has a 5-year-old son who is proud about his mother being successful. He owns a t-shirt saying ‘My Mom runs faster than your Dad”

The FabBag Crew got talking to Vaishali and we’re so excited to share excerpts from our conversation:

FAB BAG: If not Vaishali, who would you be?

Vaishali: If not Vaishali , I would love to be either Eddie or Maxie – my lovely Golden Retrievers who are my source of joy.

FAB BAG: You have the best skin, we’re inquisitive to know what’s that one beauty tip that you always fall back on?

Vaishali: FRESH Clean, well scrubbed and make up free face. I don’t wear make up unless I’m forced to ( weddings, parties etc) The biggest secret to great skin is following a regime or routine. Cleanse, scrub and mositurise . What you eat is also important. What you are on the outside is a reflection of what goes into your body. I don’t recommend diets .. I recommend “ mindful or conscious eating. I’m vegan and it works for me. But I understand it may not work for everyone

FAB BAG: If you could go on a one-time date with anyone, who would it be?

Vaishali: Pierce Brosnan, my all time favourite Bond. Not only because he looks good, but also because he has an amazing repertoire of tongue in cheek one liners

FAB BAG:  What’s that one secret no one knows about you?

Vaishali: I never ran even 100 meters until the age of 36

FAB BAG: What’s the one message that you’d like to give to our members?

Vaishali: TRY something new… What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Parting Shot: We love Vaishali’s spirit. Being someone who never ran even  100 metres until the age of 35, to now be a marathoner is commendable. She went out to try something she never thought she could possibly do. For all those reading this we have one message for you “Experiment & explore because if you never try you’ll never know


The *FAB* Women initiative by FabBag.com celebrates the occasion of Women’s Day all through the month of March with an aim to inspire women across the country by sharing stories of ordinary women with extraordinary lives. If you liked reading Vaishali Kasture’s story, please leave a comment below and share this article. It’s now your turn to spread the inspiration.


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