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Published on March 10th, 2014 | by Neharika Sabharwal

I-SPY: Kohl in the Eye…

According to Bollywood lyricists, leading ladies can turn day into night with simply the flick of a wand, aka a kohl pencil. No wonder then that Kohl is a woman’s best friend indeed.

Kohl eyeliner can be traced to over 3000 years BC. Besides being a cosmetic product it also has some medical properties, which help in preventing eye ailments. Fast forward to today and this little black stick is a must have for every handbag and beauty kit. Kohl is soft, smooth and easy to apply and does not harm the thin and sensitive skin around the eye. This smooth textured cosmetic can be used to get a variety of looks ranging from subtle to dramatic. Need more convincing to love kohl, check out these celebrity make-up looks using a kohl pencil. Each more sexy and versatile then the previous.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba manages to use kohl to look like an ethereal goddess. After a well primed face, she uses a bronze shade to contour of her face and a blush shade on the apples cheeks. She then applies kohl to the outer corners of the eyes and smudges it with a brush. This is followed up with some bronzer on the crease of the eyes and a gold shade on the lids. Final touches include several coats of mascara on the lashes and a brow pencil to amplify the lashes.

Anushka Sharma

Girl next door Anushka Sharma knows how to work the sweet charm using kohl. Her look accentuates her eyes without looking sludgy or messy. Copy her by lining your upper lid with matte-finish eyeliner. Draw it with a steady hand and let it dry for a couple of minutes to ensure it won’t smudge. After this, line your lower lid with the kohl pencil. Keep this line within your lash-line. Blot at your inner and outer corners if your eyes start to water. Use an eyelash curler to enhance your lashes and finish off with clump-proof mascara. A neutral shade of lipstick will complete the look.

Leïla Bekhti

French actress Leïla Bekhti uses kohl to outline the contours of her hazel eyes for a Cleopatra-like look. After applying your foundation and concealer, use a soft kohl pencil to draw a line on the top of her eyelid from one corner to the other, hugging the pencil to the lash line. Then use some kohl to the rim right above the lashes and below the eye. The two lines of kohl are joined for consistency. To finish the look, apply some eyeshadow, either in black for a sophisticated look or a light one to add a bit of colour. A coat or two of black mascara and you are good to go.

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor’s heavy kohl eye makeup look is a must in this list. Her go-to look, which she has seen sporting on countless occasions, has inspired many. To get this look prime the entire eye area including lower lash line, brow bone and inner corner. Use a concealer to help the pigment to stick better. Now, apply a champagne-beige eye shadow all over the lid. Tightly line the eyes with jet black kohl making sure the kohl goes all the way in to the inner tear duct to frame the eyes completely from the inner rims. Apply a brownish black liner as close to the lids as possible to give a lush appearance to the lashes and bring the liner at the outer corner to merge with the lower lash line. Finally darken the portion of the upper lash line closest to the lash with kohl. Clean up any excess in the outer corner or in the under eye area. Apply mascara. Finally, use some loose powder/compact under the brow bone to give it a neat look.

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