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Published on March 11th, 2014 | by Jehan Raffiuddin

FAB WOMEN: Savi Munjal

Armed with a Ph.D in visual arts and literature, you may know this ‘wild child’ (in her own words) as the founder of ‘Bruised Passports’… and in case you haven’t, get ready for Savi Munjal and her insatiable wanderlust! Fashion across borders, travel across 40 countries and a fan-following to blow you away, read more on what makes this style-diva tick…


Savi Munjal is an academic and a travel bunny, and as she describes herself… “an urban gypsy who despises conventionality and loves exploring offbeat travel destinations!” 40 countries and counting, she has driven with zebras in South Africa, been caving in Austria, cavorted with bedouins in the Sahara, befriended soldiers in Israel and partied in a nuclear bunker in the Czech Republic! But best of all, she has taken her innumerable readers along with her wherever she drifted and that is why hers is one the most keenly-followed travelogues that you will find on the internet.

Like most people, Savi had started off with a fanciful notion of a ‘dream project’. However, last year, she decided to make that dream a reality in the form of a blog that would inspire people to travel the world. Along with her husband Vidit, she decided to put their adventures down in one place for the world to read and make better travel decisions… and that was when “Bruised Passports” was born. A travel and fashion blog in its true sense, Bruised Passports encourages everyone to ditch the cliches and have fun while travelling. A unique mélange of travel and fashion for the road, her blog is all about inspiring people to leave their comfort zones and just get travelling. Her philosophy is simple – you get one life, do what you love and do it often.

The FAB BAG Crew admires Savi’s sense of style and her fashion sense is quite a topic of discussion at our HQ! We got talking to the lovely Savi and here’s some parts of it that we’ve saved up for you!

FAB BAG: You always look stunning in all your travelling adventures, what’s that one beauty tip that you can always fall back on?

Savi: Messy hair with bohemian braids and smudged kohl-rimmed eyes!

FAB BAG: One over hyped advice that you’d never give anyone?

Savi: Go on top of the Eiffel Tower. I fail to fathom how being surrounded by hundreds of people can be considered romantic. There are dozens of ways of falling in love with Paris, going on top of the Eiffel is definitely my least favourite.

FAB BAG: Being an avid traveller, what’s your idea of a perfect getaway?

Savi: A rustic villa in a Tuscan village dotted with olive groves, vineyards, crumbling buildings, and cobble-stoned alleys. Days would be spend basking in ochre sunlight, sampling gourmet cheeses and wines. Bliss!

FAB BAG: Is there a favourite quote that you live by?

Savi: I have my favourite quote tattooed on the nape of my neck. It’s a Michelangelo quote that reads ‘Ancora Imparo’. ‘Ancora Imparo’ is Latin for ‘Yet I am learning’. It’s a reminder that an open mind is the great asset one can have. Life is a learning curve and there’s always something new and exciting around the corner.

FAB BAG: What’s the one message that you’d like to give to our members
Savi: Question stereotypes, embrace difference and celebrate unconventionality. Standing up for oneself and one’s beliefs is the short road to happy.

Here’s a video of one of her happy travel moments. This one’s a walk under the sea in Mauritius was one of the best experiences of her life along with her husband


Parting Shot: A Fashion enthusiast and Traveller – that’s one deadly combination. We love Savi’s outlook to life… carefree, adventurous and always on the go. Exploring paths less-travelled, experiencing the remotest locations and creating new stories – Savi is living her dream. For all those reading this story, here’s what we’d like to leave you with today, “With an open mind & free spirit… travel more to discover more because life is more beautiful outside the closed walls we live in


The *FAB* Women initiative by FabBag.com celebrates the occasion of Women’s Day all through the month of March with an aim to inspire women across the country by sharing stories of ordinary women with extraordinary lives. If you liked reading Savi’s story, please leave a comment below and share this article. It’s now your turn to spread the inspiration.


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