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Published on March 21st, 2014 | by Jehan Raffiuddin

FAB WOMAN: Sairee Chahal

A believer in work-life redesign, a serial entrepreneur, mentor, an occasional writer, a mother of a 6-year old, meet Sairee who is counted among the most influential women entrepreneurs in India.  Sairee has been featured on shows like Young Turks, Pioneering Spirit and What Women Want. Proud owner of Fleximoms and SHEROES, she’s on an unstoppable mission to transform the lives of women in the country.


A TED speaker and a Cartier Women’s Awards alumni, Sairee founded Fleximoms – India’s first platform connecting women professionals with businesses. A prolific writer about women at work, a GenderlogIndia curator and a business owner, Sairee has pioneered many formats which allow organizations to engage with women professionals as employees, partners, stakeholders and affiliates. Sairee Chahal , 36, seamlessly weaves her world between her business, her 6-year old child, household and varied other interests. Chahal comes across as a person who is in control of things, a quality she has acquired in a career graph that is as varied as it is interesting. Sairee holds an M.Phil in International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and a PGDBM from IMT Ghaziabad.

It was after becoming a mother that Sairee realised the gaping need for flexible work options in  corporate India. This led to the birth of Fleximoms, the largest aggregation of flexible jobs for women in the country. Sairee is also Founder  & CEO of SHEROES.in (a Career Destination for Women in India). “We have taken our understanding of this space, given that careers for women are cyclical and have unique needs and applied it to building www.SHEROES.in. As women navigate their professional roadmaps, Sheroes offers them a platform to find all they need to build their careers and personal growth.Sheroes believe in possibilities that lie ahead of us as, personal work-life fits, gender balance and sustainable value become core to our work and life,” added Sairee.

We had a lovely time catching up with Sairee and here’s snippets from our conversation with her:

FAB BAG:  If not Sairee, who would you be?
Sairee: An athlete or a geek in Silicon Valley

FAB BAG: What motivates you?
Sairee: Joy and Chaos!

FAB BAG: One beauty tip that you can always fall back on?
SaireeWash your face and smile.

FAB BAG: If you had to start up something new, what would that be?
Sairee: A large soup kitchen initiative.

FAB BAG: Your favourite quote is?
Sairee: The most common form of despair is not being who you are

FAB BAG: What’s the one message that you’d like to give to our members?
Sairee: Make your own road. Don’t wait for other people’s version of success.

Here’s a fascinating talk by Sairee at the TEDxBayArea Ignite Event. Check it out:


Parting Shot: They say, “All it takes is an idea”… and the adage holds so so true for Sairee, who after facing the challenge of balancing a career and family first-hand, actually decided to do something about it.

The *FAB* Women initiative by FabBag.com celebrates the occasion of Women’s Day all through the month of March with an aim to inspire women across the country by sharing stories of ordinary women with extraordinary lives. If you liked reading Sairee’s story, please leave a comment below and share this article. It’s now your turn to spread the inspiration.

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