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Published on March 24th, 2014 | by Rima J Pundir

Quick Sexy

Heading out for a date straight from office? Here are three 10-minute make-up looks that always work to add glamour!

  • Bed-eyes: Your basic smoky liner? Smudge it, for a whole lot of attitude, super fast. Line the rims of your eyes with a black liquid liner. Then, using a short-bristled eyeliner brush, layer a matte black shadow over the liner. Smudge it a bit, if it gets too messy, fix mistakes with a Q-tip. Finish the look with mascara you’re out the door, in your super sexy avatar.
  • Fiery reds: Playing matchy isn’t always bad: Try a vibrant red on both eyes and lips for a pretty flushed look. Red eye shadows are hard to find so just use the lipstick mixed with a little powder as a shadow. Rub it on the lids and then add a dab of shimmery white shadow in the center to add brightness. Add plenty black mascara. Fill in the lips with the red and you jaw-droppingly ready to rock!
  • Pick purple: Think sexy, think purple – an easy way to play is by wearing it along the lower lashes as opposed to on the upper lids. Begin by lining the rims of the eyes with kohl. Then either draw in with a purple pencil and smudge, or else add in a bright purple shadow with an eyebrow brush. Blend the edges with a sponge or a clean shadow brush for a super cool look.

Here are our picks that will do the job.

  • A 3-in-1 one product that gives you a flawless face. The Max Factor FaceFinity All Day Flawless Foundation is a super-intelligent product that has three elements: primer to hold, concealer to correct, foundation to finish… Add to that SPF20 for all-day high coverage and a gorgeous matte finish. CLICK HERE to view this product
  • Does kohl really need an introduction? It does if it’s the Max Factor Kohl Pencil. The soft easy blend is easy-to-apply and log-lasting – the secret to many a striking eyes. CLICK HERE to view this product
  • A colour freak, or rather a cosmetic colour freak? Then like us, you too would be freaking out on the Motives Make-up Palette and doing an eeny, meeny, miney, moe on which colour is the first to go (on)! CLICK HERE to view this product

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