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Published on March 27th, 2014 | by Jehan Raffiuddin

FAB WOMAN: Tina Rai Pun

They say Truth is stranger than Fiction – especially, when Truth comes in the form of a gritty young mum who refused to give up on her dream of making a dent in the beauty universe. In today’s FAB Women feature, we’re privileged to bring to you the story of our member, Tina Rai Pun, who never stopped believing in the dream she saw as a little child.

FAB Women Tina Rai Pun

Originally from Darjeeling but raised in Andhra Pradesh, Tina has always been a child at heart and a dreamer. In her own words, “I guess that is what kept me going on… to pursue my “glam dream” till they came true! Hailing from the North-East, I guess… height was never an advantage and I soon realized that my childhood dream of being crowned Miss India/Miss Universe would never be fulfilled.” What did she do next? Not one to give up, she trained in the classical styles of Bharatnatyam & Kuchipudi and continued to persevere along her upward journey. But success demands strength that is as much mental as it is physical. “Somewhere along the way, I grew really irritated with the constant rudeness of people around me… all the name-calling (“ching-chong, chinky, shorty !?!?!”) from fellow students. I guess I wasn’t strong enough to withstand their criticism and gave up the dream to walk the line.”, says Tina in one of the most candid and endearing moments of our chat.

But then, life works in mysterious way and who knew that the very dream she gave up would come right back to her and offer her a second chance. After her marriage to her husband, Tilak and her first child, Aryan… Tina soon grew restless and started longing to give her dreams a second shot. That was when a chain of magical events began which combined with Tina’s indefatigable will to propel her to heights that she could not have even imagined. In the April of 2012, Tina won the ‘My Lovely Mom’ beauty contest in Bangalore, India where she was selected to represent India on an international platform for the world finals of the pageant in Beijing, China. After many rounds, trials and dogged perseverance, Tina brought home the 2nd Runners Up crown of ‘My Lovely Mom’ after scoring the highest in the talent round where I performed a choreographed Bollywood sequence (video below).

She says, “When I look back, I realize that this entire experience gave me immense belief in just pursuing one’s dreams and trusting the universal forces to work on it.” We couldn’t agree more! Today, Tina is working on another dream with a great passion. She makes beauty, travel and lifestyle videos on Youtube where she’s kicked about connecting with entire world while “sitting at home in my pajamas!” 🙂 You can learn more about her recent posts here by following her Beauty and Lifestyle/Travel YouTube channels

Her message to all FAB BAG members: Call me lucky, call me a doer…but I simply call it Magic of Longing! Thank You for taking the time to hear my story. Frankly, this story is not to boost myself but I just felt that it may inspire millions of common women like me who may not be a picture-perfect “tall, perfect beauty” but are special in their own way. God doesn’t make mistakes… I guess!

Here’s a video about Tina’s experience at the My Lovely Mum’12 contest in Beijing:


Parting Shot: What makes Tina’s story very real is that she gave up on her dream only to follow it with renewed vigour after a break. It happens to all of us and that’s why: “If you feel that the wind is too strong, there is no harm in lying low and letting the storm pass. All you have to do is believe that once the storm passes, there is work to be done and dreams to be achieved.”

The *FAB* Women initiative by FabBag.com celebrates the occasion of Women’s Day all through the month of March with an aim to inspire women across the country by sharing stories of ordinary women with extraordinary lives. If you liked reading Tina’s story, please leave a comment below and share this article. It’s now your turn to spread the inspiration.

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