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Published on March 28th, 2014 | by Rima J Pundir

TIPS & TRICKS: A lasting pout!

Be it at office, a casual luncheon or a party on your mind – the secret to letting your hair down, is a perfect and lasting pout!

That tube of red, that brush of peach, that stain of pink – most of us are lipstick crazy at heart. Whether we layer or just dab on a single colour, most of us are able to wear that jewel pout only until we sip a drink or take a bite. So here’s how to make that lip colour last till the party wraps up…

  • Brush’em: You heard that right. The basic step to get a long lasting lip colour is to make the base of lips smooth. You can do that by applying a gel on your lips like any non-petroleum jelly and then with the help of a soft toothbrush gently rub the brush over your lips in circular motion. Remember to be very gentle lest you bruise your delicate lips. This will remove dead skin cells from your lips and they will feel smooth and soft ready for colour application.
  • Get the base right: Before you apply colour, it’s advisable to use primer, foundation or concealer. They help fill in the cracks and lines and provide a smooth surface. Primer and concealer also help the colour to last very long. Blotting a thin layer would be adequate. Wait for a few minutes till the primer or the concealer gets settled and slightly absorbed in the skin.
  • Seal in the colour: Lip liners not only give shape to your lips but they also create a border and thus seal the lip colour from bleeding. Draw the outlines of the lips with the liner and then with a finger, smudge the liner inside so as to fill the surface of the lips with liner. This will help the colour to stay longer and would also keep the colour locked within the outlines.
  • Twice the power: Now is the time to fill in colour. You should apply two thin layers of lipstick rather than one thick layer. Apply a thin layer of lip colour evenly and then dab a little loose powder over it. Put a tissue paper between your lips and press it so that excess powder is removed and the first layer of lip colour is sealed with the powder. Now apply the second thin layer evenly. Applying loose powder after colour application tends to dry the lips. So dab powder between the two subsequent applications of lip colour.
  • A glossy punch: If you want a shiny look of your lip color, apply gloss in the centre of your lips and gently press the lips. Avoid applying gloss in the corners as little lip colour leaks from the corner of the lips. And now you are ready to rock with your sparkling lip colour.

Quick tip: Lots of fresh fruits and water will keep you and your pout hydrated from the inside out. And oh, do refrain from licking your lips – this action really dries out the lips.

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