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Published on March 29th, 2014 | by Reema Mukherjee

FAB WOMAN: Kuheli Bhattacharya

A practicing paediatric ophthalmologist and strabismologist, Kuheli Bhattacharya is a girl on a mission. Over the past decade she has lived her life with one single purpose in life… treating hundreds of children suffering from diseases of the eye with the unshakable belief that this is her chance to make the world a little brighter, a little more clearer for one more young soul. But is that surprising? One look at her past will show an undying determination to excel in every possible challenge that life threw at her. Read on to get inspired!

FAB Woman Kuheli Bhattacharya

Since childhood, Kuheli was moved by the plight of lesser privileged without access to proper medical care. At the impressionable age of 15, she pursuaded the NetAid.org foundation to support her in running a vaccination center for unprivileged children in Pune. “If we don’t care,” she asks, “Who will?” On being asked about her experience and what gave her the strength to do this at such a young age, Kuheli replies, “If I failed, people would label the next generation as irresponsible and useless. I just need(ed) to prove people wrong.” It was this determination to make a difference in people’s lives that made Kuheli choose medicine.

Having aced her all-India Medical Entrance Examinations, completed her MBBS, specialization and super-Specialization, she did not stop till she authored an award winning paper at the Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology. Add to that running, painting, blogging and you’ll find an inspiring soul who manages to squeeze 36 hours into each day! The FAB BAG Crew caught up with her for a quick chat over coffee. Here is what transpired:

FAB BAG : What motivates you?
Kuheli :The fact that this day, this moment, is never coming back motivates me…That what I do this very moment is part of my legacy.

FAB BAG : Happiness is…
Kuheli :No dirty dishes in the basin, no laundry, enough money in the bank account, a great movie release on Friday, and a weekend with family.

FAB BAG : One beauty tip that you can always fall back on
Kuheli :Sleep. A good night’s sleep, and a warm bath can bring back the glow, every time.

FAB BAG : If you could go on a one-time date with anyone, who would it be?
Kuheli :Buddha. There is so much I would like to ask, question and learn from Buddha. God is an ethereal idea, but Buddha lived and breathed on earth and yet achieved salvation. If a one-time date can help me get closer to salvation, I’d like to take my chances.

FAB BAG : One secret no one knows about you?
Kuheli :That I would forego dinner for desserts.

FAB BAG : One over hyped advice that you’d never give anyone?
Kuheli :Extra-curricular activities will lead to poor marks in academics.

FAB BAG : If you had to start up something new, what would that be?
Kuheli :I would love to start a restaurant in Goa, call it Kuisine. It would bring world cuisine to Goa, a place filled with interesting people and stories!

FAB BAG : If money could buy happiness, what would you spend it on?
Kuheli :I would like to buy every kid a happy childhood – education for all children, maybe a few toys too!

FAB BAG : One book/movie you can never have enough of?
Kuheli :Ratatouille – It’s about food and fulfilled dreams, nothing can get better!

FAB BAG : Your favourite quote is?
Kuheli :Don’t forget to live, while you’re earning a living.

FAB BAG : What’s the one message that you’d like to give to our members
Kuheli :Take time out to appreciate yourself! Appreciate your looks – take selfies, just for yourself. Appreciate your cooking – even if you made Maggi! Appreciate your family – they make life worth living. Appreciate your work – it gives you self-worth, it helps put food on your table.

FAB BAG : What would you like people to remember you as?
Kuheli :As an inspiration. As a good human being.

Parting shot : Few of us are born with a clear vision about what we what to dedicate our lives to. Kuheli’s story is a shining example of how every little thing in her life ties back to the same powerful underlying theme of bettering the lives of underprivileged kids. After meeting her, all we would like to end this post with is… “If you have a dream, believe it… till it is no longer a dream, but the reality you live in”  

The *FAB* Women initiative by FabBag.com celebrates the occasion of Women’s Day all through the month of March with an aim to inspire women across the country by sharing stories of ordinary women with extraordinary lives. If you liked reading Kuheli’s story, please leave a comment below and share this article. It’s now your turn to spread the inspiration.

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