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Published on April 20th, 2014 | by Yashodhara Ghosh

Ooh Ooh Ah Ah Sexy Eyes!

She may not have won in the Best song or Best newcomer categories at the Grammys  for her runaway Youtube hit Call me Maybe, but Canadian pop princess Carly Rae Jepsen still managed to steal the show with her metallic blue eyes…


The pop of colour on her otherwise bare face emphasised her youthfulness and accentuated her beautiful blue-grey peepers, which are often hidden by those gorgeous but heavy bangs. It was Carly’s first Grammys and boy did she make a splash – with a glamorous black off-shoulder sequined gown by Roberto Cavalli, some yummy arm candy and those unforgettably cool, yet bold blue eyes. We’ve got the scoop on how make-up artist Tina Turnbow achieved the look that caused many a double take on the red carpet.

Setting the stage

To prep the canvas for that dash of colour, apply a smooth coat of pressed powder to your face to get perfect alabaster skin. While Carly’s team used Lancome Translucence Pressed Powder in Ivoire, you can use the one in your closet. Use the palest shade you can get away with, because Carly often goes for foundation and powder that is a touch paler than her actual complexion. Next, choose the prettiest pink blush-on you can find in your kit and brush it onto your cheekbones to get that just-back-from-a-run glow. Carly’s cheeks were caressed by Lancome Blush in Love, in Peche Joue Joue. You can opt for your own pink favourite.

The chart-topper

Now for the centerpiece! Pick out a cool blue electric eye-shadow and sweep it along your lids, and then blend it with some edgy black shadow towards the outer reaches of the lid. Carly’s make-up artist blended two shades of Lancome’s Color Design Infinite 24H Eye Shadow – ‘Forever Noir’ which is a glistening black, and ‘Boundless Blue’ which is a blue with a touch of grey. Next, it’s time to look for the silver lining. Arm yourself with silver shadow and concentrate it on the inner corner of her eyes. Line the outer side of the lower lid with a thin but visible line of the same. Carly’s team used a metallic ‘Unlimited Silver’ shade from the same line as the other two eye-shadows.

Adding that edge

For that last, definitive pop of colour, take a blue pencil eye-liner and fill out the innermost lines of the lids, closest to the lashes. Tina used the Lancome Le Crayon Khol in Black Lapis. Two generous coats of mascara will add weight to the otherwise ethereal, shimmery look. Use Lancome L’Extreme Mascara in black for a dense fringed lash look.

Lip service

When the eyes are intended to dominate the look, the pout has to be subtle in contrast. Go for the lightest nude matte lipstick you can find. Lancome Le Crayon in nude will give perfect results.

Small eyes? Do what Carly does! 

The pretty songstress’ eyes are icy blue with just that light tinge of a melancholic gray. But her peepers are small and somewhat narrow. A smart trick that she often uses to make them look bigger and wider is to apply a line of white or silver liner under her lower lashes. Carly’s use of blue eye-shadow and liner isn’t just limited to awards nights. In fact she’s made metallic blue quite her signature look (check out her cool nails in her recent video for Tonight I’m Getting over You.) She frequently uses blue eye shadow but blends it with other darker shades like gray, taupe for that complex, layered look. To add drama, she usually flicks her eye liner upward for a cat eye effect.

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