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Published on September 9th, 2014 | by Yashodhara Ghosh

Hot is the new pink!

Move over crimson, hot pink or Fuchsia is the new rage this decade, and with good reason – there’s nothing like a bright, brazen, bold burst of power pink on the lips to hold the attention and turn some heads. What’s more, this versatile hue can be used to create an array of effects — cool, classy, hipster or couture. Fuchsia has a place in every fashionista’s toolkit — some of our classiest screen idols have worn hot pink lips, as have other pop culture icons notorious for their kitschy leanings.

Blake Lively

If there is any colour that could make this style goddess hotter than she already is, it’s hot pink. And going by the number of times she has rocked the perfect pink pout, she knows this. So while we’re still in mourning over the loss of Serena van der Woodsen from our small screen, her red carpet appearances give us reason to live. Her perfectly painted pout has taught us many a lesson about the fine art of applying lip colour. Case in point: three colours that go eternally with fuchsia are bronze, champagne and gold, especially when worn in matte.  Lesson two tells us that a candy coated pout is not just for the full-lipped divas out there, but works wonders to enhance thin, naturally pursed lips.

Emma Stone

While we love this beautiful young blond for her laid-back approach in a world that sometimes sucks the fun out of high fashion, we did a double take when images from the Met Gala flooded our online feed in 2011. There stood our lazy fashionista, almost unrecognizable in her piled up messy updo, fuchsia lips, studded danglers and black liner, looking every inch a glamour goddess. Trust the fuchsia pucker to shake and stir things up a bit.


We’re unabashed gawkers when it comes to Rihanna, and with good reason too. But the most unforgettable image of RiRi etched in our pop culture memory is from almost five years back at the Nickelodeon Awards in 2008. The winged shimmery blue eyeliner framed with a side swept disconnected pixie, those contoured cheeks, and those bubble gum hot pink lips – it was Rihanna at her rock-chick best.

 Katy Perry

This woman is bold and beautiful. The queen of quirk, her love affair with power pink has always had us in raptures. She is the indubitable champion of all things fuchsia: who can forget her fuchsia hair in retro curls, with a pucker to match? Kitschy Kate stops at nothing, and her pop-artsy look at the 2011 European Music Awards is testimony to her courage with colours. Katy was also daring enough to wear fuchsia lips to the prestigious Grammys two years in a row, in 2011 and 2012, each time teaming it up with other whacky colours like green, violet, to achieve traffic-stopping results. While her sartorial choices have been toned down a notch these days, her romance with colour continues.  She may be pop princess to the world, but in our eyes, she is pop art champion.

Nicki Minaj

No list on anything involving fuchsia can be complete without Nicki Minaj. We’ve lost count of the times she has sported this colour – on her lips, in her hair, on her heels, and of course on her clothes. Such is the rapper’s undying love for fuchsia that she actually joined forces with makeup giant Mac to co-create a line of fuchsia lip colour (Viva Glam) aptly calling the shade flamingo pink. Enough said.

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