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Published on September 24th, 2014 | by Yashodhara Ghosh

Weekend beauty routine you can’t miss by our friends at Cell Renew

Ask any woman juggling home and work, and she’ll confirm that what she most looks forward to is some elusive ‘me’ time. So we teamed up with our friends at Cell Renew to help you make the most of it on a weekend…

After trudging along the desert sands of drudgery for five long work days, you’ve finally found yourself on the transient shores of that oasis called The Weekend. Special attractions in this short vacation from adult life could include a long-awaited spot of shopping, brunch with friends, the latest blockbuster, and perhaps dinner with the family? But among all this hustle bustle, take out some ‘me time’ to be the cynosure of all eyes on manic Monday…

8 am: Drink up

Beauty begins on the inside, so start your weekend by cleansing your system. Sip on a tumbler of hot water with honey and the juice of one lemon. If you’re feeling enterprising enough, make yourself a detox smoothie for breakfast.

10 am: Face it 

Juggling chores with office, tackling mid-week stress and all the hurried commutes in between don’t add up to a glowing countenance. Your mind adjusts miraculously fast from mid-week monotony to weekend euphoria, but you face may get left behind. How about a indulging yourself with a divine DIY home facial? Here’s how:

  • Wash your face well using a cleansing lotion or a face wash. Try the Cell Renew Energizing Face Cleanser,  perfect to rejuvenate your skin after a long stressful week.  Infused with Orange Zest and Micro Pearls, this face wash has an energising action that removes sebum and stickiness to alleviate signs of dullness for that refreshing energy boost.

Facewash cell renew

  • Take some cleansing milk and dab gently and evenly over your face with a cotton ball.
  • Expose your face to steam for about 2 minutes. Arm yourself with a good deep-pore scrub and massage well to get rid of dirt and grime.
  • Take some honey and indulge your skin with a good, sweet rub.
  • Wash it off and apply a store-bought mask. Leave on till it dries. Peel it off or wash off.
  • Use rose water for that final cleanse and to get rid of any leftover traces of product.
  • Use a toner. Massage with some anti-ageing cream or apply serum to round it off.


12 noon: Shine ‘on’ 

Now turn your attention to the rest of your body. While scrubbing the household paraphernalia inevitably finds its way into our weekday chores, weekends should be reserved for scrubbing of a different, more indulgent kind.

  • Steam up the shower and take a warm bath.
  • Rub yourself down well with olive oil, and let your skin soak in its goodness for a few minutes.
  • Taking some sugar, rub it into your skin in gentle but firm circular motion. After a while, wash off the scrub..
  • Now apply a body lotion to nourish your skin and keep it well hydrated. We suggest the Vivel Cell Renew Deep Smoothing Body Lotion, with its smooth textured formula infused with visible Vitamin E beads it gently dissolves into the skin and deeply nourishes it from within leaving it smooth and glowing

Vivel cell renew - lotion

2 pm: Un-condition-al

Everyone’s asleep, and it’s the best time for a quiet, relaxing hot oil massage for that bedraggled mane. There’s nothing like oil to penetrate, nourish and deep condition your hair. Once you’re done, get some beauty sleep.

6 pm: Hands on 

The phone has started ringing, and your inbox is receiving hectic SMSes with last-minute plans. Hold on: you’re just a manicure away from perfection. Remove old nail polish, and soak your hands in a mug of lukewarm water. With your nail clippers, chip them into neatly, snip off hangnails, file them into shape. Use cuticle cream or oil to soften cuticles further.Find your ‘weapon’ of choice from the kit and push back your cuticles. If your nails have taken on a yellowish hue, soak them in lemon juice for a few minutes (and do give up smoking). Use a scrub and exfoliate your hands, and use a thick hand cream to give yourself a nice long hand massage. We suggest the Vivel Cell Renew Fortify + Repair Hand Crème. Infused with 10X Vitamin E benefit* this hand cream repairs daily skin damage at a deep cell level. Wait till it’s absorbed, and apply fresh new coat of nail paint. Flaunt them at dinner!

8 pm: Time Up

Slip into that flattering dress, do your make-up, slip on some comfy shoes, take that self-congratulatory snapshot, and head out for some fun.

11 pm: Overnight Miracle 

sleep cell renew

After all the fun, take off your makeup before you call it a day. Once you’ve taken care of that all you need is an overnight lotion that heals overnight for restored, glowing skin. While you sleep at night, your skin is more awake and receptive to nourishment than it is during the day. We suggest the new Vivel Cell Renew Night Replenish Body Lotion which is packed with nourishing ingredients to help your skin replenish lost nutrients while you sleep. Infused with visible Vitamin E beads that gently dissolve into skin for repairing daily skin damage overnight, it not only repairs your skin cell barrier, but also aids skin cell regeneration at night. Now you’re all set for the perfect Monday!



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