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Published on December 26th, 2014 | by Deesha Bondre

Let There Be Light!

Payal TyagiIndividualistic and creative-at-heart, Payal Tyagi never quite belonged in the corporate world. It was either her entrepreneurial parents or just her inner voice that led her to start something of her own.  She strongly believes that this was not a decision but life’s master plan.

Candle-making was a hobby Payal had picked up in her teenage. By the time she was eighteen, she sold her own candles to a lot of interior designers. But then life happened and before she knew it, she was pursuing an MBA and then working up the corporate ladder. But as time passed, she realized that candle-making was her true calling. Pursuing this old hobby into making it big was her new dream, one she knew that she just had to fulfill. After a lot of research, thought process, trial and error Indie Eco Candles was founded


10393895_460888347384324_4637672601989015728_nIndie Eco candles are infused with the finest fragrances and essential oils to make these luxury candles a world-class product. Even before Indie Eco existed, Payal knew, she had to reach out to people in monetary need. Charity would have sufficed for a few, but Payal’s plans were a little different. She wanted to empower, instead of just help. She saw that a lot of women are forced to work in hazardous areas and yet would barely make enough to help feed their families. After getting in touch with a local NGO, she employed and trained women from underprivileged backgrounds. Payal started Indie Eco with a team of just two women. Today her team has rapidly grown, making Indie Eco one of the best handcrafted luxury candles in the country. Payal makes sure to provide her staff with safe and respectable working hours, decent pay and essential mentoring for their children.  Her sincere involvement in her employees’ lives today has materialized in a group of independent women bringing a positive change for themselves as well as for their families.

Indie Eco candles are devoid of paraffin or any harmful toxins. They are made with natural vegetable wax and thus extremely therapeutic. The production process of these beautiful candles involves emphasizing on world class quality control and betterment of her staff has given Indie Eco and us a deeper, more reassuring context for what life can be, and how a few simple gestures can light many a life on this planet.

Indie Eco inside the December FAB BAG

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INDIE ECO CANDLE – EXOTIC VANILLA CREAM: This one is a popular choice among the entire crew and my personal favourite too. Made with vanilla extract, it smells like a delectable ice cream. Light it in your study for a tranquillizing ambience. CLICK HERE TO BUY

INDIE ECO CANDLE – LAVENDER WITH SUBTLE NOTES OF ROSEWOOD: Burn this candle in your bedroom to envelope the surrounding with relaxation. It’s floral fragrance is the perfect setting to unwind and have a good sleep. CLICK HERE TO BUY

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