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Published on January 28th, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir

Moisture Mistakes

The secret to soft skin lies in giving your skin what it needs…

You may be slathering yourself with moisturiser, but if you’re not doing it right, your skin will not soak in any goodness, leaving it as dry and unresponsive as it was to begin with…

Mistake 1: Hot Baths

May be great for your soul but hot baths are actually very bad for your skin, stripping it of all natural oils and leaving it dry and starved for moisture. Tepid or lukewarm water is much better and leaves your skin open to moisturising and preserves the natural body oils better too!

Mistake 2: Harsh Soaps

Squeaky clean floors are great, skin is not. The moment you hear your skin “squeak”, understand that it has been stripped off all its oils and is in dire need of moisturisation. Switch to shower gels instead which are milder on the skin than even the softest or gentlest of soaps. 

While rubbing off with a towel feels invigorating, damp skin actually absorbs lotions better than dried off skin. Dab off any excess water drops with a towel but leave the skin a little damp when you apply the lotion (or whatever be your moisture of choice) to get the best results! Also let the lotion be absorbed by your skin before you slip into your clothes – so f that means parading in the buff, shut the door and parade away!

Mistake 3: Incorrect Moisturiser

Lighter lotions are for summers and younger skin, if your skin is dry, the climate is harsh or you are mature in skin age – you need heavier butters and creams as opposed to lighter gels or lotions. Look for shea butter for some much desired and needed richness.

Mistake 4: No exfoliation

At times the main reason your skin is not taking in the moisture you apply is because of the build-up of dead skin cells. Exfoliation is as important for the body as it is for the face. While a loofah does solves most of your body exfoliation issues, a once-every-which-while body scrub goes a long way in preparing your skin to soak in the hydration better.


Here’a bunch of products that will up your moisturization game.

THE NATURE’S CO. LAVENDER BODY LOTION: This rich lotion moisturizes skin all day long. Its calming fragrance soothes the skin. Perfect for harsh winters. CLICK HERE to view the product.

SKINYOGA COFFEE BODY SCRUB: The heavenly smell of coffee is a perfect to kick start your day. It’s naturally abrasive properties gently scrubs the body. Grab on to this one if you’re fighting cellulite. CLICK HERE to view the product.

VERT DELICATE SKIN DIVINE SHOWER SMOOTHIE SOAP: This looks like a lotion filled in a tub. But that’s just how gentle it is on skin. Smear a handful of the smoothie soap to cleanse your body and moisturise. it. CLICK HERE to view product.



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