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Published on January 29th, 2015 | by Neharika Sabharwal

Change that shampoo!

Did your mother also tell you while growing up that you need to change your shampoo every now and then because your hair will ‘get used to the formula’? If yes, then you are co-cordially invited to the join the Club of Hair Myth.  

The beauty advice to change your hair products regularly to keep your strands guessing is a bunch of hogwash. You might argue here that you’ve often found the dream shampoo, but by the second bottle your hair is back to misbehaving and the love affair ends more bitterly than the latest Hollywood celebrity spilt. Now, before you pull out those tresses in frustration or worse, reach for detergent to wash your hair the next time, listen up. The reason your shampoo quit working has nothing to do with the product. Neither has your hair got used to the formula. Changing your shampoo is necessary. Read on to understand why.

Product build-up

Dream shampoo or not, wash your hair everyday or not, your shampoo and conditioner will build up on your hair shaft. Even the best products applied on a regular basis will create build-up on your hair. Also, as women, most of us are probably not rinsing the shampoo/conditioner completely from our hair. If you’re not spending 30-60 seconds rinsing your hair during a wash, build up will collect faster. Changing shampoos doesn’t actually get rid of this build-up, but given each shampoo’s ingredients differ, changing products will give it a “new” wash. If you really don’t want to part with your beloved shampoo, try a natural alternative. Apply a vinegar rinse to your hair a couple of times a month. This is a gentle and natural way to strip your hair of product build-up and reset your hair’s PH balance, which will result in shinier locks. Cider vinegar is the best variety to use: add one teaspoon to a cup of lukewarm water and rinse your hair with the concoction after shampooing. You can then either wash out the vinegar rinse with warm (not hot) water, or leave it in. Although vinegar smells strong, fear not, the smell disappears as your hair dries.

Climate Changes

Believe it or not, the climatic conditions of the region you reside in can help decide what shampoo and conditioner you should be applying. When the season is dry, your hair will respond better to higher moisturizing shampoos. In more humid air, a volumizing shampoo might be a better choice. Changing the shampoo like you change your wardrobe every season is highly recommended.

Health and Lifestyle Changes

Your hair reflects what you eat. Your mane is affected by everything you ingest, so much so that even the hormones that are running wild through your body can change your shampoo’s performance. So ask yourself if your diet has changed? If you’re getting essential fatty acids from red meat or an avocado, you may feel the need of less moisturizing products, but for lean-eaters who forego fat, locks can end up looking dry or parched. Your lifestyle also makes a lot of difference here. Swimmers might need to consider a swim shampoo and short haircuts. Also, if you’re working out and sweating more, you may need to shampoo your hair often. Learn to adjust your shampoo to your lifestyle.

Finally, follow a few simple rules while choosing your shampoo. First, let the condition of your scalp lead the way to the best shampoo for you. Don’t expect too much out of your shampoo. Remember, the right conditioner, a great deep conditioning treatment, nourishing protein treatments, and fantastic hair oil are necessary partners in crime and all need to come together for a fabulous head of hair.


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