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Published on February 4th, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir


What we may think is our perfect sexy look, could actually be a turn off for guys. We asked some guys then, as to what they defined “sexy make-up” as…

When I sat down to write this, compiling all the stuff that guys had sent me, the first thing that astounded me was that how much they actually knew about make-up. From lip liner or gloss, mascara to blush, eyeshadow to kohl – the make-up glossary has not escaped our masculine halves. And the second thing that again surprised me is that how set they were in their preferences when it came to make-up – loud brash make-up was a complete no-no to almost all. So the next time you pick up that pancake, do ask your significant other as to what goes, or not, when it comes to him finding you red hot…

  • Kaushik Mukherjee, 31, Co-founder of FAB BAG, Mumbai, believes a woman’s beauty lies in her individuality. “A signature fragrance that identifies her when she walks in, kohl to define her eyes, and lip gloss to add some glamour. Just facets of femininity that endorse her beauty…”
  • Twins Arun Singh Pundir (39, BTL Agency Owner, Mumbai) and Arjun Singh Pundir (38, Service Delivery Manager based in Slovakia) feel that a woman’s most beautiful asset is her eyes. Says Arjun “To me simple make-up is what works. Eye make-up using mascara, eye liner and eye shadow that really bring out her beauty is a complete turn on.” For Arun it’s about that one attention catcher, “it could be red lips or it could be smokey eyes – the idea of a woman in make-up is attractive when she blings up just one asset and underplays the rest. Else, it’s just OTT paint – smells bad, tastes bad and looks bad!”
  • Ashish Babbar, 32, Lead Systems Engineer based in Honululu and newly married feels that for a woman to look her best, all she needs is “glossy lipstick and a hint of eye shadow. The gloss on the lips is a complete 10/10 for me and a little eye make-up to bring out the beauty of the eyes is just perfect.”
  • Ankit Malhotra, 26, Solutions Engineer, Noida says, “Make-up to me is very good nail paint, and lip colour. I don’t mind anything more than that as long as it is not very bad to taste and is not visible more than the girl herself. A nicely chosen hair colour and well done hair in my opinion is more important than the whole make up thing kept aside. Lastly, of course a soft fragrance to keep her memory until the next time…”
  • For Varun Rustagi, 25, Business Development Manager, Ahmedabad likes his woman to have, “a nifty hairstyle, good eye make-up, a nice lipstick and of course well kept nails…”
  • Ram Kharawala, 24, Asst Systems Manager, Mumbai is very simple in his liking, “for me, it starts with good hair and ends with bad hair. The hairstyle could be long or short – but it should suit the girl and add to her sexiness. Make-up doesn’t much matter to me as long as she’s not over-painted.”
  • Amit Singh, 31, Procurement Manager, Jaipur likes for women to keep it simple. “A good lipstick and eye liner is all she needs to look pretty. And oh, a glowing complexion helps.”
  • Ashish Sinha, 28, Lead Instructor, Mumbai says, “A gal with a good haircut that she maintains and soulful eyes with just a tad make-up to enhance those catches and hold my attention.”
  • Simanchal Malu, 28, Owner, TCF Furnitures, Bhubhaneshwar is besotted with beautiful eyes, “If I see a girl with beautiful eyes, I am hooked, more so if she enhances with some make-up. To me the rest of the make-up or even clothes become insignificant then – eyes so catch my attention!”
  • Shashi Punarwala, 37, Creative Director, Mumbai says, “the right red on a woman’s lips can look so beguiling but the wrong red can so trash it all. Also with bright red on the lips, everything else on her should be muted. Catch attention yes, shot for it, no!”
  • Vedant Aggarwal, 34, Producer, Delhi feels that make-up is frankly overrated. “glowing skin with just some kohl and a hint of lip gloss is enough to enhance the beauty. Pancaking your skin into looking like something it’s not or having enough make-up on your eyes to compete with the wall is a big turn off for me…”

So there it is ladies – from the horses’ mouth itself. Good hair, a little mix of this and that to enhance beauty but not cover it and bundles of confidence is all you need to catch, and hold, the attention of your soul mate this Valentines.


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Happy Romancing!




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