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Published on February 14th, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir


We aren’t trying to go shrink on you, but ever wondered why most of your relationships go down the drain? Sometimes, it could be just a lack of love, inwards…

Loving yourself might sound like a trite phrase – but in fact it’s one of the biggest obstacles to what psychobabble defines as self-realisation – in simple terms your lack of love and acceptance towards your own self, flawed as it might be; doesn’t let you reach your true potential. And one of the biggest “flaws” that see in us, often lies with our physical attributes. Too fat, too thin, too fair, too dark, too tall, too short – the list of “toos” is endless. To love others and for others to love us, we first need to find a way to be able to love yourselves, cliched as it may sound. So how to begin? To love your looks, here is a ‘FAB’ way you can start with…

Fix (what you can)

There are dentists to fix bad teeth, contact lenses to get rid of glasses, dermatologist to take care of skin (and hair) and gyms to get rid of flab. There are things about yourself you can fix or correct – that perfect smile and glowing skin, those soulful eyes and a trim figure isn’t impossible. For more serious flaws, imagined or otherwise, there’s always corrective and cosmetic surgery. Even if you have aged faster than your peers, that too can be worked upon with a good beauty regime and maybe even Botox if your dermatologist recommends it. There’s no “shame” in wanting to look your very best and to the pigs with people who make you feel otherwise.

Accept (what you can’t)

You cannot change your height, your skin colour, your basic bone structure try as you might so it’s unhealthy to yearn for the moon. What you can do is dress to highlight your best features and camouflage your worst. No horizontal stripes or big prints if you are stout, no plain colours or stripes if you are lanky. Wear colours and make-up that likes you and your skin colour, not what you like. Take the help of store managers and stylists, make-up experts and get yourself a makeover today. A snazzy hairstyle that hides that jowl or big forehead,

Believe (in yourself)

You’ve fixed what you could and accepted what you can’t – you’ve actually crossed two minor hurdles and now comes the biggest of them all… Your belief in yourself, your faith in your beauty and looks is what will make you stand apart from the crowd – no matter how “too this and too that” you are. Every day, make it a habit to stare at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, “I’m Beautiful”. Others will believe it only if you do – self-confidence is the biggest gift you can give yourself this Valentines.

A very Happy Valentine’s to you all from us at FAB BAG. Love yourself, do…




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