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Published on February 17th, 2015 | by Ahana Basu

TIPS & TRICKS: Make it work

Make-up at work should be enchanting, not OTT. Here are some dos and don’ts for you to look like a workplace diva, not disaster…

No matter how casual your workplace is, there are several no-nos when it comes to clothes and even more for makeup. Here are a few lines you probably shouldn´t cross at work.

Less is much, much more

No matter how tempted you are to try that BB Cream AND the new foundation, go easy. You´re at work, you don´t want to look like a cake melted on your face. Use a sunscreen and a light layer of liquid foundation and blend evenly. Or use a BB cream. That´s really all the layers you need.

Eye spy

You bought metallic-green glitter eyeshadow over the weekend that you´re dying to show off. Hold on till the next weekend, please! Nothing screams ´unprofessional´ like a painted clown-face. And one can´t really be subtle with metallic colour or glitter on one´s eyelids. That´s not to say you can´t do nice things to your eyes, or that you shouldn´t have a dash of colour to spice up a boring Monday. For office, use pale gold or silver eyeshadow, line your lower lashes and add a brush of mascara. Try and keep off the liquid liner or if you must use it, make sure it´s black and don’t line your eyes heavily.

Lips don´t lie

Yes, scarlet and mulberry are the flavours of the month, but neither Kristen Stewart nor Scarlett Johansson wear it off the red carpet. Even if you are in the midst of a hot-and-heavy workplace romance, tone down the lip colour. Use pale pinks or browns or mauve. You can even skip the lipstick and stick with lip balm and a high-powered neutral toned gloss. (Tip: Plain old Boroline is a marvellous lip-softener and base for gloss).

Nail it!

There’s nothing as sexy as well-kept hands. While bitten and badly-cut nails are a complete turn-off, bright red talons are not exactly suitable for work either. Keep your nails shapely, but not too long. Opt for a French manicure or a muted colour – a shell-pink or a peach if you’re into pastels, or a maroon or brown. No glitter, please and absolutely no fluorescent greens or yellows or black.


I’m semi-obsessed with perfume and can spend hours in a mall sniffing bottle after bottle. However, there is always the danger of overdoing the spray. While body odour must be dealt with severely, (if you suffer from this, use both talcum powder AND deo), don’t become the person whose overpowering scent people recoil from. For a long day at work, use deo . Your daytime fragrance should be fresh and light.



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