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Published on March 2nd, 2015 | by Sakina Dohadwala

#MakeupForDifference: Encourage Sunitha Krishnan today!

The Living Legends Award by Human Symphony Foundation 2013, Stree Shakti Puraskar award by the Government of India, ‘Real Heroes’ Award for her Contribution to Combat Human Trafficking, meet Sunitha Krishnan, an epitome of wisdom and tenderness, whose achievements have not only proved her efforts and initiatives but also raised a voice in the entire human race. A Social Activist and Co-Founder of Prajwala, Read on as Sunitha’s story is one that will guaranteed leave you inspired.

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Sunitha was born in in 1972, into a Malayali family living in Bangalore. It was while she was growing up, that life hit her with a tragic incident – at the age 15 she was gang raped by eight men. Sunitha was strong and did not let this come in her way. In fact this incident was her motivation to become what she is today. Sunitha pursued B.Sc. in Environmental Science & MSW in Psychiatric Social Work. Keen on building her knowledge so she could bring change in society, she decided to further her knowledge and completed her Ph.D in Social Work. Since then, Sunitha has changed the lives of countless women and children. Her work focuses in the areas of anti-human trafficking, psychiatric rehabilitation and social policy. She is an inspiration to thousands of people.


“I have never let obstacles of any kind stop me from helping people of less privileged strata of society; something I used to do as a school student. In those days, I used to teach children in my neighbourhood. But, in my teens, when I was living with my parents Raju and Nalini Krishnan in Bangalore, my attention turned towards women who were sexually exploited.” says Sunitha. This was what led her to start an NGO, which evolved on the philosophy based on the needs of women and children who are victims of human trafficking. Prajwala is an anti-trafficking organization, which believes in preventing women and children from entering prostitution, which is the worst form of sexual slavery. The organization also helps pay for the education of five thousand children infected with HIV/AIDS in Hyderabad. Prajwala’s “second-generation” prevention program operates in 17 transition centers and has served thousands of children of prostituted mothers. The NGO’s strategy is to remove women from brothels by giving their children education and career opportunities. Krishnan and her staff train survivors in carpentry, welding, printing, masonry and housekeeping. Malayalam movie director Vineeth Sreenivasan was inspired by her life while developing the story of his latest movie, Thira. Sunitha has been invited to speak at various events like TEDIndia, SatyamevJayate, NDTV’s We the People, to name a few.

#MakeupForDifference by sending Sunitha some love & encouragement

We salute her with all our heart for her dedication and phenomenal work in rescuing women and children from a maze of terror and helping them rebuild their lives with Prajwala. To help support her cause and to #MakeupForDifference ‘CLICK HERE TO SEND HER A MESSAGE OF ENCOURAGEMENT‘. For every message sent a donation of Rs.50/- will be made on your behalf to help her make a difference in society

To know more about Sunitha do watch this video of her speech at a TEDx event


CLICK HERE to send her a message of encouragement & a donation of Rs.50/- will be made on your behalf to support her cause. Send her your love and help her #MakeupForDifference

The #MakeupForDifference initiative by FabBag.com celebrates the occasion of Women’s Day all through the month of March with an aim to support causes of 4 inspiring women across the country by spreading the word and encouraging women to support their causes by sending a message of encouragement. If you liked reading Sunitha’s story, please share this article and help her reach one step closer to achieve her goal. It’s now your turn to make a difference!

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