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Published on March 3rd, 2015 | by Neharika Sabharwal

GET PREACHY: Brush off that Brush

Cleaning make-up brushes may not be the most exciting beauty lesson, but it’s important nonetheless.

Facials, waxing, mani-pedis or body spas, we always make time for beauty rituals to maintain our gorgeousness. Then why is it that we ignore maintaining the tools that create our flawless look? Each time you use a make-up brush, it picks up both makeup and any natural oils and product from your face. Then there is the dust in the air that just lands on a resting brush. Dirty brushes can transit from being your beauty saviours to hometowns for bacteria, so a cleaning ritual is a must. Also, unclean brushes due to build up can make your brushes feel scratchy on the skin. If you have sensitive skin, you might just rash out or develop acne. Follow these simple tips to give a bath to your beloved brushes.


Unscented soap is one of the best ways to clean your brushes. First, with lukewarm water, get your brush completely wet. Once your brush has been saturated, swirl the brush onto the bar of soap until it lathers up nicely. Then rinse off the later. While rinsing, make sure not to get water above the shaft of the brush. Doing so will cause rust and the bristles will eventually fall out. Finally, gently squeeze out any excess water from the brush and lay it flat on a clean towel to allow them to air dry for at least 6 to 8 hours. You can look at substituting the soap for a mild detergent or some shampoo. If your brushes feel stiff even after washing, take a small amount of conditioner in your hand and massage it gently into the bristles. Rinse in lukewarm water and lay flat to dry. This will give the bristles a soft feel to them.

Olive Oil

This should only be used for brushes that are heavily embedded with make-up; like if you have used your brush in a gel liner or if the brush is very stiff with make-up residue. The procedure is to take a clean paper towel and dispense a small amount of either olive oil or almond oil and swirl the brush (dry) onto the towel. The trick is to use the right amount of oil. It should be just enough to help break down the make-up on the brush. After that, clean the brush as mentioned above.

More Tips:

  • Don’t forget a very important aspect of cleaning your brush. The handle! When we use makeup brushes we transfer germs, bacteria and even makeup onto the handles of our brushes. To clean, pour rubbing alcohol onto a paper towel and rub over. This will not only clean but disinfect the handles as well.
  • So how often should you clean your makeup brushes? Experts feel it depends on the type of brush and how much of it is being used. Foundation brushes, bronzer and blush brushes should be cleaned once a week, while eye-shadow brushes should be cleaned every 2-3 days. Eyeliner brushes should be cleaned after every use especially if an eyeliner sealant is being used. Make sure you give your brushes enough time to dry thoroughly before your use them again. If you want to cut down on your cleaning time, rotate brushes so you always have a fresh clean one to use.

Keeping your brushes in good condition by washing frequently will provide you with years of beautiful makeup application! Now that’s a great investment!


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