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Published on March 5th, 2015 | by Yashodhara Ghosh

GET PREACHY: Fans-tasy Lashes

In fantasy and in real life, it’s always a line of dense, thick lashes – curling upwards and framing those eyes at a gentle, flattering angle – that’s considered most becoming.

In all the fairy tales and fables you’ve grown up with, have you ever come across a princess or a fair maiden with poker-straight lashes? We’re guessing not. But while Snow White and her ilk get to flutter those lashes without having to raise a finger, we mere mortals have to work on things a bit. Here’s how to make those hearts flutter every time you blink.

Clean the canvas

Make sure that your lashes and lids are squeaky clean at the outset. Use a good eye make-up remover to get rid of any residue of kohl, eye mascara, eye shadow or liner from yesterday’s make-up. Hygiene is of utmost importance when you are handling your peepers, so take care – use a clean ball of cotton wool or a Q-tip to remove any traces of product. Take a clean towel and wipe your eyes, and wait for the lashes to dry completely. Maintaining the cleanliness of your curler is also extremely important, especially if it’s been lying about in the open or if you share it with others. As you wait for your lashes to dry, wipe your curler with a wet cloth and sanitizer.

Blow by blow

Just like you apply heat to hair to style it different ways, your lashes too will stay curled much longer if you heat things up a bit. Hold a hair dryer over the curler for about half a minute or so. Now touch the curler tentatively to check. If it’s too hot, let it rest for a bit to bring down the temperature a notch. When you feel that the temperature is just enough to curl but not singe, station yourself before the mirror and manoeuvre your lashcurler open. Lower your upper lid a bit so your lashes are in just the right angle to slip inside the mouth of the curler. Clamp the lashes near the root first, by inserting them till the furthest possible point without letting the curler touch the eyelid. Hold it in this position for about 5 seconds. Now withdraw the lashes a bit so the curler holds the middle of the lashes. Hold here for another 5 seconds.

All ‘set’

Now carefully extricate your curler from the lashes. If you’ve done it correctly, your lashes now have that extra curvature and dip. But the tricky part is setting it so it retains its flattering angles and curves longer. For this you’ll need waterproof mascara. In fact, there are mascaras that are specifically created for lashes that are fresh out the curler. Next, pick a mascara that promises to give more length, as its light formula won’t weight down on your lashes. Whatever products you choose, make sure both are waterproof, and that you apply the second coat before the first coat dries up completely and hardens the lashes.

Cleaning up

Waterproof mascara stays longer thanks to its oil or wax content, but as a consequence it is generally more stubborn, and difficult to remove. Invest in a good eye-make-up remover to clean out your lashes thoroughly.


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