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Published on March 15th, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir

FAB BAG PICKS: Sunday Reads

The Internet is a wonderful thing. And here are 10 wonderful beauty web links I came across…

Instead of writing an article myself today, I browsed through this wonderful web of information called the Internet and picked these super links for you to read and wonder about… Have a great Sunday!

10 Beauty Links

  1. Curious about your skin? Try this link that tells you 50 known and some-unheard-of facts about the skin…
  2. Ever wondered when cosmetics came into the picture? Read the complete cosmetics timeline – what women used and when, and even why!
  3. Beauty is as beauty does, right? Wrong! Read about the 14 most shocking beauty treatments and trends of today…
  4. Can’t find beauty ingredients not in your larder? Well, think again. Common kitchen or fridge ingredients can be your best beauty bet ever!
  5. Worried about the ingredients in your cream? Here’s a link to the dirty dozen – ingredients that are being investigated as harmful but commonly found in many bottles in the beauty aisle.
  6. Celebrities always look great? Many if not all have gone massive makeovers- check this link to check out beauties that didn’t always look this beauteous.
  7. The new hair myths busted? Science advances and so do myths and facts change. Here’s an article that tackles common hair myths, and one truth…
  8. Thought only you needed your beauty time? Well think again, and give your man some much needed beauty update right here.
  9. Preggers and wondering which lotion to use and which to drop? Go through this red flag list and check with your doctor before adding on more to your beauty routine while you are expecting.
  10. Looking to revamp your beauty kitty? Don’t go shopping without reading the best 100 beauty buys of 2013. Remember to add them to your trip-abroad shopping list!

 Do write in with interesting articles or tidbits on beauty that you may have across while traversing the www. Till then, happy browsing!




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