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Published on March 23rd, 2015 | by Deesha Bondre

#MakeupForDifference – Encourage Sridevi today!

Here’s a story of a woman whose voice didn’t crush under the weight of patriarchy. P. Sridevi came from a very orthodox family. Her family did not allow her to step out of the house for years. To have dreams was out of question. This only strengthened her determination. Ten years down the line, she is now an artisan, an entrepreneur and a ray of hope for the several destitute women she has employed under her care.

srideviSridevi wanted to break the shackles of the unjust society but, her real motivation was to improve the lives of other women from her community. Today, she employs over 60 people, which also includes handicapped and widowed women. Because she truly wants to shape her employees’ lives, she even teaches and encourages them to save a part of their earnings.

Her handicraft facility grossly produces over 1000 paper bags, photo frames and other handicrafts every month. Their annual turnover is over Rs. 13 lakhs. Apart from being highly successful, her enterprise is also 100% eco-friendly. Her enterprise uses only recyclable raw materials. Even a renowned brand like Mother Earth stocks products from her facility.

Belonging to an orthodox family never served as a setback for Sridevi. She could have stopped at having a self-sufficient life for herself. But she chose to see the bigger picture. She wanted a better life not only for her but for everyone in her community. Today she stands tall as an independent woman, knowing she has made a difference.

Sridevi can be perfectly described as a passionate entrepreneur. We wish her all the best for her endeavours. If her story inspires you to make a difference, do send her an encouraging message by CLICKING HERE. For every message received a donation of Rs.50/- will be made to help support her cause.

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