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Published on March 27th, 2015 | by Gayatri Dahiya

FIX IT: Bad Hair Day(s)!

Bad hair days in a row due to damage? While you do your TLC, here’re some tips to still look good even on days your hair misbehaves!

There’s a popular meme on social networks that goes something like this, “The solution to a bad hair day is to wear a low-cut blouse.”  While, every shred of feminism in me was repulsed by that suggestion, it does sum up very well the dilemma that confronts each of us at some point – hair that just seems to look like crap and we don’t know what to do with it! Having spent almost a lifetime battling the woes of curly, unruly, dry, frizzy, and grossly misbehaved hair, I feel I now have some authority on the subject of dealing with a bad hair life!  I’ve traversed the passage of exorbitant hair straightening treatments, some helpful and some useless deep-conditioning ‘spa’ treatments, three different colouring jobs (bright red-pink streaks once, believe you me), thousands spent on countless hair serums and other such products, tried and discarded dreadlocks, myriad hairstyles, fringes, bangs, choppy layers, really short hair, six different hairstylists in 7 years (including one who styles Hillary Clinton’s hair!), you name it, and my hair has survived to tell the tale! Some days good, some bad…

Quick-Fix Mantras

While I’m yet to unearth the holy grail of making your hair look like Jennifer Aniston’s on a daily basis, here are some excellent ways to deal with the bad hair day:

  • Pin-the-Ponytail: Put it high, low, in the middle, on the side, on top, wherever you want it – the quick fix for almost any hair trouble is the good ol’ ponytail!  Run a coin-sized blob of serum or leave-in through your hair to soothe frizz and flyaways, and slick back into a neat mid-height ponytail.  For an extra neat ‘celeb-style’ look, leave out one small section of hair, wrap it around to cover the elastic and secure with bobby pins.
  • Braid It: Simple, easy, and so effective.  When your hair’s refusing to settle, just smoothen with serum, and braid it  In fact, you could experiment with multiple braids, try a fishtail (Blake Lively’s favourite), the waterfall (lovely for those with longer hair) to dutch braids and milkmaids (best for the ladies who’re looking to sport something different).
  • Head Banding: The right headband can take you from shabby to chic, no matter what your length or texture.  Go feminine with pretty bows, funky with exotic feathers, or disco-glam with bejewelled bands.  You could even try the 70s look by sporting a braided elastic headband across your forehead and around your head.  Forever 21 and Miss Jo are some of our picks for drool-worthy headbands.
  • Shades-on-head: If you’re out already, or can’t get hold of a headband, just grab your sunglasses/glasses and perch ‘em on your crown – not only do they serve as the perfect distraction on those not-so-perfect hair days, but can also tame unruly bangs and add the illusion of volume to your crown.
  • The Hat-Trick: Broad-rimmed sunhats, chic berets, funky cowboy hats (my personal favourite), classy Fedoras, or sporty baseball caps – whatever be your pick, these are a great way to conceal uncooperative tresses.  Don’t try this on damp or wet hair, make sure to dry hair before you cover it; not only could you risk hat hair, but even infection if your hair doesn’t dry out.
  • Wrap it: A pretty scarf can be the Band-Aid to heal any hair disaster, and is SO versatile.  Go retro-starlet: fold the scarf into a triangle, cover your head, and tie under your chin and further accessorize with BIG sunglasses (think Ash in Guzaarish, or the Jackie-O look); try hippie-chic: tie the scarf around the hairline (or on top of the crown), and let the ends hang loosely on the side along the length of your hair (think Nicole Richie); go scruffy-but-classy: make a messy bun, wrap the headscarf around the bun and tie it into a large side knot.


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