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Published on April 1st, 2015 | by Neharika Sabharwal

BEAUTY WARS: Deos – water or alcohol?

The deodorant wars are picking up – from water-based ones deriding the aerosols, to the aerosols still sticking to making-that-guy crazy campaigns. So which to choose?

What was your first reaction when you caught an Axe deodorant ad on television? Were you too in disbelief over men falling for the ‘spraying Axe would get them lucky’ bait? While we aren’t as naive as the opposite sex to believe in a deodorant’s power to play cupid, we understand its necessity nonetheless. Body odour is repulsive. We don’t want to smell our stinky sweat and neither do the people who have to be around us all day. This basic hygiene etiquette is the reason for us wearing deodorants.

Smelly Cat

Perspiration itself is almost odourless. The smell is the action of bacteria on sweat. Now an average deodorant contains antiseptic substances that kill bacteria or aluminum salts that block pores to prevent the free flow of sweat. Along with these compounds it contains essential oils to leave a pleasant fragrance. In a nutshell, a deodorant works in three ways: prevents the action of bacteria on the perspiration, reduces the secretion of perspiration, masks the offensive odour with a pleasant one. So while deciding which deodorant to pick up, keep these factors in mind. Still with the numerous products available in the market, choosing a deodorant can be tricky.

Alcohol-based sprays

These got invented as an upgrade from the roll-on variety. These have an aerosol base which is used by simply shaking the bottle and spraying it on the body from a short distance. Most body sprays are perfumed products with antiperspirant properties. These are lighter in strength than a cologne and hence less expensive. Another advantage is that spray deodorants are the fastest to dry on the body and there is less risk of the white build-up that can transfer to the user’s clothing. There are some disadvantages to using these sprays. One such prominent one is the ongoing debate of the spray’s negative effect on the environment. Aerosols are made of tiny particles that remain suspended in the air after they have been released. These can affect weather and contribute to climate change. The propellant ingredients used in the past have been blamed for changes in the atmosphere’s energy balance as well as for affecting the global water cycle. Also, currently, there are no aerosol sprays that are made of 100% natural ingredients. There can be concerns about allergic reactions and possible build up in the body. Still, these are widely popular with every leading cosmetic giant offering an extensive range to choose from.

Water-based body sprays

These are also known as body splashes or body mists. They are primarily water based, lightly-scented products which overpower body odour while hydrating your skin. Body splashes generally don’t have antiperspirants properties for you might want to avoid it if you arr looking to fight BO. A good body splash will contain mood altering essential oils that might soften skin and refresh. Since it aromatically revives our senses and has a positive effect on the mind, it’s an excellent pick-me-up for ladies at the start of their day. Keep in mind, body splash, due to its high water content are not very potent, so if you’re not using a antiperspirant stick, you will need to refresh it every 2-3 hours.


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