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Published on April 11th, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir

GET PREACHY: Dump the Bumps!

Potholes on the roads? Blame the government but bumpy skin – you have only ignorance to blame…

More than often, you look into the mirror and find your skin looking older, spottier and definitely not the way you want it to! Run your fingers on the skin and you can feel some unevenness, little bumps and skin that is simply not-so-smooth any more. Read on to know how to get your skin glowing and soft as a baby’s!

Why the Bump? Not many people actually know why these unexplained little bumps appear on their skin. While most blame it on dandruff and dryness of the skin, others panic and start to slather themselves with products they think are suitable, but no one really bothers to dig deep and find out what the true cause is.

Ate an itch!

The foremost reason for bumpy skin is the sensitivity of the skin. Unknown to you, your skin may break out into hives for several reasons. The leading amongst these is allergies that are caused by food. “You might not know that you are actually allergic to a certain type of food until you face an allergic reaction” says Dr K Tripathi, Skin Specialist. “If the cause of the bumps on the skin is a food source, a simple dosage of anti-histamines is the cure!” If it is a case of the itchies you have, blend oatmeal with a little aloe vera and rosewater to make a fine paste and apply all over. Wait for it to dry and then take a cool shower. Follow up with calamine for more relief.

Now I have to worry about whiteheads too?

Whoever said whiteheads are restricted to the teen years was indeed incorrect. Clogged pores, a lax skin care routine or sometime just hormonal ups and downs (yeah, being a woman is exciting, isn’t it?) can lead to your face looking a whitehead mine and can also turn into little zits! Apart from using a mild skin cleanser, make sure that you include multi-vitamins in your diet. Keep an eye on your personal hygiene and send those sheets and pillow covers for washes every week and most importantly, resist the urge to pop, squeeze or even pick at one! Follow up solution: a good CTM routine (visit a dermatologist or skin care clinic for the right products – read ‘The ‘abc’ of CTM’ for more), weekly scrubs and masks and regular salon clean-ups should soon rid you of any skin woes. Also ensure any and all hormonal problems (read imbalances) are treated right at your gynae to avoid added skin troubles!

Grandma’s Directives!

  • Fenugreek Fare: Soak a few fenugreek seeds in water every morning. Grind them into a fine paste after they have soaked for the whole day. Apply on face and keep it overnight. Wash off in the morning after for a clean visage.
  • Eggcellent: Mix the white of an egg with honey. Apply on affected areas. Wash off after half an hour for smoother skin.
  • Gram Grande: Put some green gram in a mixer and blitz into a powder. Add a few drops of jojoba oil to make a thick paste. Use this regularly as a facial scrub for acne, blackhead and whitehead relief and for skin that glows. 
  • Sandalwood Solution: The best daily cure for the bumps on your face is sandalwood paste mixed with some rose water. It’s cooling and anti-inflammatory.


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