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Published on April 21st, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir

TIPS & TRICKS: Colour Tone!

That pink lipper making you look sickly? It just maybe the wrong ‘shade’ for your ‘tone’!

While choosing your make-up and colours is a lot about personal choice, there are some common sense diktats to follow that you can adopt as guidelines for you to look the best in YOUR skin tone! Here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to choosing warpaint for fair, dusky and wheatish complexions… Cheat tip: Check out the colour of your nail bed; it will help you determine your choice of make-up colours. The hues that come close to the tone you see on your nail bed will complement your natural looks. For vibrancy, choose colours that contrast.

Fair ‘n’ Square:

Fair skins need to be extra careful not to look “overdone”. If focussing on eyes, lips should go light and vice versa. Colour pop out on fair skin so ensure that make-up is applied with a light hand – aquamarine shades blues and greens look lovely on the eyes  if matched with soft pink blush  and nude gloss . Else go red on the lips and keep eyes muted to just kohl or liner in black or brown.

Dusky Diva:

Dusky skin is usually more resilient but make-up layers tend to “show through”. Don’t overdo it and never use foundation or powders that are lighter than your complexion: It will create a caked-up appearance. For other make-up, opt for shades of deep metallic pink or mauve, brown  or a deeper red with a hint of brown . Bronze, gold, copper and maroon complement young dusky skin. Stay away from lilacs, bright blue and other strong colours unless using just a tiny dab as an accent liner.

Either Or in Wheatish

Dark or subtle make-up, both go well with wheatish complexions. A mixed palette of brown , yellows and beige, with some accents of blue, green or mauve  are a good choice. Earthier tones such as brown with pink or orange too look good . Avoid shades of red such as a rose; if used, it’s best blended with brown.


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