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Published on April 22nd, 2015 | by Neharika Sabharwal

FIX IT: Poof Away Puffiness

Last night’s party may have left you with great memories, but does it also have to leave you with puffy eyes?

Weekend nights are fun, aren’t they? Partying, drinking and gossiping with the girlfriends at the latest hot spot in town. But what happens the morning after when you wake up looking like you’ve been battered in a boxing ring. Yes, those wicked puffy eyes that make us look like we have been crying all night. Whether you’ve been partying, sleeping late or spending long hours on your computer, puffy eyes are an unavoidable problem. Swelling or puffy eyes occurs when excess fluid accumulates in the tissues around the eyes. There are plenty of causes for them including allergies, ageing, stress, hormones and even residual make-up. While it may take time for them to return to normal, you can follow these quick fixes to shrink the swell.

Eye gels

A cooling eye gel is great for the under-eye skin. Regular application of eye gels makes the under-eye look smoother. They soothe the under-eye skin and effectively reduce the puffiness from a sleepless night.

Iraya Manjistha Eye Contour Gel

Enriched with the extracts of Indian madder (manjishta) and lavender essential oil, this eye gel helps cool the eye area, reduce puffiness and swelling, and minimise dark circles and fine lines.  If you’re looking for a gentle & a natural treatment for the eyes, this eye gel is perfect. With summers around, this cooling, nutrient-rich eye gel will be your holy grail product. CLICK HERE to buy product.

Wash and clean

The first rule to combat puffy eyes is to remove any and all traces of eye make-up. Make up caught in the tear ducts will cause inflammation and maybe a potential infection. Use a cotton swab and a good eye make-up remover to get it all out. Also, never underrate the usefulness of water to combat puffiness. It’s important to splash your face with cold water to help calm the swell. While at it, it’s also helpful to drink a few glasses to hydrate yourself.

Sleep right

At night, fluid pools under your eyes causing puffiness. Prop a few pillows under your head while sleeping to minimise fluid pooling. Use can also try bed lifts, which can be found at a drugstore, to raise the angle at which your head rests.

Basil and Potato Popsicle

The best cure for puffy eyes exists in nature. Just take a small raw potato and blend it into a fine pulp. Mix this with a small cup of basil tea. Pour the mixture into ice tray and freeze it. Whenever you have puffy eyes, dab the ice cube on your closed eyes for some time. Rinse your eyelids gently and pat dry.

Cold Spoons

Don’t have time to kill the puff? Take rounded (metal) spoons and pop them in the freezer for a couple of minutes. When they are nice and cold, take them out and place the rounded portion against your eyes. The cold compress will immediately help with the puffiness.

Relaxing compress

Make a relaxing compress with cotton wool pads soaked in iced water, ice cold milk, cucumber juice or rose water. Lie down with these dampened pads over your closed eyes. Continue replacing the warm pads till the puffiness reduces. This remedy also brightens the whites of your eyes.


Tea has tannin which acts as a natural astringent to reduce puffiness and make the skin taut. Apply a cold tea bag wrapped in tissue on closed eyes and watch it work its magic. Chilled chamomile and mint tea bags are useful substitutes.


Biobloom Under Eye Gel:Bio Bloom, an organic brand, believes that beauty is found in its best form in nature. It aims to bring out the most simplest and natural ways to enhance your beauty. Natural extracts from aloe vera gel, cucumber juice, mint and green tea goes into the making of this soothing eye gel – helps diminish sagging skin & dark circles. CLICK HERE to view product.

H2O+ Sea Results Eye Mender: This rejuvenating contour cream helps to transform delicate skin around the eyes to appear more youthful. Monk’s Pepper Berry targets expression lines, puffiness and fatigue. Corallina, an antioxidant-rich red seaweed extract, helps heighten skin’s defence against free radical damage. Anti-aging nori, himanthalia and spirulina smooth and revitalize skin with nutrient-rich moist. CLICK HERE to view product.





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