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Published on April 26th, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir

FAB BAG PICKS: Make Up Free Sundays!

Sundays are to laze around and let the pace of life slow down a bit. So do give your skin a breather from make up too!

I like to loll around on Sundays – my morning cuppa in bed with my husband and my 20-month-old son bouncing around in his jammies. And Sundays or rather weekends are mostly make-up free for me – I like to give my skin a little breather. So if I do have to step out, what do I dress up my face with? A great glow and some kohl. Here are two of my regular use products – and what’s more, you can buy them here at FAB BAG!

A clean face:

Sundays are slather-on-that-mask days for me – since I am relaxed, I like to give my skin a little TLC too! My poisons are multiple and mood dependant, sometimes packaged and sometimes from a raided kitchen but the one I usually pick during icky, steamy, humid monsoons is a deep-cleansing mask. Today after a good besan-turmeric-yoghurt home scrub, I reached for the H2O Plus Sea Mineral Mud Mask.  

  • The ups: The kaolin clay pulls out dirt and impurities from clogged pores, making them appear smaller. The sea-based extracts reduce excess oil production leaving the face matte. It also soothes sensitive or irritated skin – I love using this one after say a bleach (after a day’s gap!)
  • The downs: Can leave the skin feeling just a little stretched so do keep your hydrating lotion handy.
  • Price: Rs 1,080,

Doe Eyes:

A clean visage (dressed up with half SPF moisturiser and half foundation for a glow!) calls for kohl-lined eyes. A self-confessed eye make-up lover, I usually have 3-4 types of kohls lying around – from herbal and mineral ones to pencils and gels. Deborah Milano Kajal Eye Pencil is one of my all-time favourite kohls.

  • The ups: It’s easy to handle and apply; the tip doesn’t break off while I’m trying to sharpen it and best of all it so does not ‘smudge’. Smudgy pencils are the very worst in my experience wherein you think you’re looking sexy and doe-eyed while the mirror shows you a raccoon instead!

  • The downs: You have to sharpen the tip, if that can be called a down, as opposed to push-up pencils. Also while lining the inside of the eye, make sure there’s no moisture else the pencil doesn’t ‘draw’ much.

Be free!



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