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Published on April 28th, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir

GET PREACHY: Cuticle Care

Peeling cuticles, a biting habit or just inflamed one – a little TLC can add a lot to your finger ends…

They say that your touch is as good as a therapy. But what if your fingers mar the show? Even perfectly painted nails and well moisturized hands can end up looking uncared for if your cuticles are dry, peeling and just plain unsightly. Here’s help…

Ease the pain: If your cuticles are painful and swollen, make a tepid warm finger bath to which you have added a teaspoon of table salt as a natural antiseptic and a few drops of glycerin. Soak your fingers in the bath for ten minutes and then pat them dry. .

The right tools

  1. Once the pain is gone and the cuticles are healed, remove the any excess. Clip any peeling cuticles using a nipper and push back the ones that have grown a little longer with a hoof or cuticle stick.
  2. Shop for a cuticle remover that contains at least two or more of these ingredients: potassium hydroxide, alpha hydroxyl acid, essential oil, panthenol and sodium salt. Pour generous quantities of the same in a cotton ball and dab over your dry and calloused cuticles. Let it soak the cuticles and soften them so that you can buff away the dry skin.
  3. You can also remove excess cuticles using a V-blade. Buff nails and cuticle once done.
  4. Follow it up by massaging the cuticles with a few drops of warm natural oil. Be it olive or jojoba, eucalyptus or castor, feel free to use the oil you prefer the most. Things that will remain unaltered are that you need to apply it to your fingertips and gently massage to the cuticles. You can also use Vitamin E oil (just cut open a capsule to get the oil) in order to nourish them.
  5. Continue pampering your nails and fingers by making it a point to massage hand and nail cream daily, specifically when you go to sleep. For some extra TLC for dry hands or cuticles, massage in cream, then layer on Vaseline and slip on a pair cotton gloves to lock in the moisture.


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