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Published on April 28th, 2015 | by Neharika Sabharwal

WEATHER WISE: Itchy Scalps

It’s hot. Your scalp sweats. Your hands itch to scratch… Here’s help!

Lemonades, flip flops, sundresses and polka dotted bikinis. Yes, ladies, you guessed right, the Great Indian Summers are upon us. As the mercury rises, our bodies get set to shed those extra layers of clothing and flaunt those envious curves. Our tresses on the other hand seem to be preparing for battle. What enemy you ask? The sweltering sun that turns our shiny tresses to sweaty, greasy strands that has us itching and scratching like monkeys. The culprit is sebum, or natural oils that ride that wave, spreading throughout the hair and making it look a little too grunge for this decade. Sun block near the hairline or you using your sweaty hands to push the hair out of your face does not help the oil build-up. If your city has pollution and dirt, be prepared to have a harder time with your tresses. Sounds like summer dreams just turned to nightmares? Worry not my dear Rapunzels, we list the remedies that will vanquish this hair conundrum as the temperature soars.

No more itch

  • Obviously the first thing to do is keep your hair squeaky clean. This doesn’t mean you need to wash your hair every day. Daily washing causes your scalp to overproduce oil to replace the natural oil you’re washing away. When you do wash, don’t overdo it. Avoid scrubbing the scalp vigorously, which causes it to produce more oil. Instead, allow shampoo to sit on the hair and scalp for one minute before rinsing. Apply conditioner to the ends only.
  • Use a clarifying shampoo (for all hair types) to remove residue without stripping moisture. Then apply a super-moisturizing conditioner to just the ends of your hair to keep strands healthy without increasing oiliness at your scalp. If you have dandruff, use a product specifically designed to control it. Whichever hair washing routine you choose, ensure you clean out all the applied styling products. Rinse out thoroughly and dry your hair completely to prevent any product build up.
  • Comb your hair at least four times a day. It will get rid of dust particles which clogs the pores on your scalp. Also, it’s important to let your hair breathe. So do not use tight caps and hats. Keep your hair open and let the breeze pass between them once in a while in the long day. Properly cooling of your scalp will solve the problem of itchy scalp. You can further use a good hair perfume to control hair odor. Do not use body spray or perfume for hair. If you don’t get any hair perfume, use rose water.
  • The itchiness of the scalp can be treated with almond oil. Massage your scalp overnight with lukewarm almond oil. Next morning, treat your hair with lemon juice and water in a 1:2 proportion at least an hour before washing off.
  • If the itching persists, you can use some natural remedies to cure it. Neem extracts and oil is famous for its antifungal properties and it removes redness and itching when massaged on to the scalp regularly. Rinsing your hair with fresh lime juice after a wash is also helpful as it removes waxy flakes from scalp skin, which could be the cause of itching.


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