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Published on May 1st, 2015 | by Yashodhara Ghosh

FIX-IT: Bust tan lines

If you’ve been heading to the pool every morning to beat the searing heat, be prepared for “swimsuit straps” on your shoulders!

Telltale ‘tan’ lines make it impossible for you to flaunt those pretty strappy dresses that are a wardrobe essential every summer. Do not despair. While tan lines are impossible to avoid completely (sunscreens notwithstanding), they can be worked around. When your work or leisure involves long exposure to the sun, here are a few tips to camouflage, and another few to remedy them.

Quick fix

  • For that last-minute cover-up, use what is used to hide all other blemishes and marks: make-up! For those of you with medium or dark complexion, dab on some matte bronzer with a cotton ball. If you are fair and go pink in the sun, choose a matte crème blush in a pink or peachy shade. Try to make it as seamless as possible: blend it into the skin on and around the tan lines. Next, set it with some translucent powder. You could also use concealer.
  • For easier application, go get yourself an aerosol spray-on foundation (also known as airbrush foundations). Hold it away like you do a deodorant, spray it all over the exposed area, and work in with a sponge or your fingers. Make sure the products that you use to camouflage the lines are all water-resistant and sheer lest you leak.
  • Looking for the correct shade can be tricky, because tanning leaves your skin looking slightly redder than usual, which means that your regular shades may not work.  Choose a shade darker than your skin. If you spend a good deal of time outdoors, it’s a good idea to invest in separate foundation that is more suited to your tanned skin. Always remember: when you’re at the store, look for products to match the skin tone of your body, and not your face.

For the long haul

  • While short-term remedies will tide you over for the course of a party or brunch, they are only stop-gap. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, you could think of using depilatory creams. Yes, they are meant to remove unwanted hair, but they also end up doing a commendable job in removing tan lines. Apply a thin coat of a mild cream over the tanned area, wait for a few minutes and wash off to see the difference.
  • If chemicals aren’t your thing, there are natural recourses too. The acid content in lime juice has the power to bleach your skin without harming it. Dip a cotton ball into some freshly squeezed juice, dab well over the streaks and spots.
  • The simplest solution by far is to scrub well in the shower every day. Exfoliate the tanned parts well, but beware: harsh exfoliants tend to damage skin that has been exposed to the sun, leaving it looking raw and blotchy. So make sure you use a mild product, such as a cleanser with microbeads and use some TLC!


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