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Published on May 3rd, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir

Skin Smart

The largest and the most forgiving organ of our body, the skin, deserves all the TLC it can get! Here are some super tips…

We mistreat our skin – from leaving make-up on to bursting open zits, from pinching blackheads to using harsh chemicals and from soaking in the hottest water to ignoring any dryness! And yet one good salon treatment and our skin forgives us, or does it? Skin damage often starts deep and shows up late – to look young and glowing – prevention is mostly the only cure.


  1. SPF, SPF, SPF: You may be indoor, it may be cloudy or you may be wrapped up in layers – nothing but a good sunscreen can protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun…
  2. Clean Up: Clean skin is good skin but over-cleansed skin will only add to your woes. Find a cleanser that matches your skin type. Also do remove your make-up before you fall into bed. Many of us don’t do this, but make-up can clog your pores if you leave it on too long, causing skin irritation and pimples.
  3. Be-Drenched: Moisturise your skin, especially in the winter, summers and in the rains, spring and autumn too! You get the point, always moisturise! If you get dry skin on a normal basis, find a moisturizer more suited to your skin type.
  4. Exfoliate, Soften: To get your skin to absorb moisture, serums and any other skin treatments; you have to slough off the dead cell layer first. Use gentle exfoliants to do so – harsh abrasives can actually scratch the skin. While toners may or may not help in skin problems per se, they do “soften” the skin so as to make it ready to receive all the hydration it can get.
  5. Flush out toxins: Water helps to flush the toxins from your body, so make sure you get enough water in your system daily. Fresh fruits, raw veggies and wholewheat is all good. Talk to your doctor about taking supplements and do go easy on the junk food and alcohol. Looking party ready does not mean you mistreat your body and skin!


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