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Published on May 12th, 2015 | by Neharika Sabharwal

TO BUY OR: Tinted Moisturisers

The newest kid on the beauty block, tinted moisturisers can go a long way in giving you that perfect complexion in one quick application! 

If no-make-up make up is your goal then jump onto the bandwagon of tinted moisturisers. In essence, they are exactly what they sound: moisturising lotions\creams with a hint of tint. Light, breathable and  sheer, a tinted moisturiser will leave you with seemingly flawless, glowing skin.

Au naturel

With the fashion world raving about natural style, tinted moisturisers are the perfect way to get that “less is more” look. Blend it in your skin to even out skin tone for an automatic natural complexion. If you are a fan of the dewy look, there is no need to apply any powder, as the tint will stay put throughout the day. For those who prefer a more matte look, simply apply a sheer, translucent powder over the entire face. If you are one with a more intensive makeup routine, a tinted moisturiser can serve as a first layer of sunscreen, which many women neglect to do.

The Ultimate Time-Saver

If you don’t want full coverage or have time for elaborate make up, tinted moisturisers are the thing for you. They come in convenient packaging and have an easy, no-fuss application. Just squeeze some on clean hands and apply like your usual moisturiser to give your skin an even coverage for a day out.

3 perks with 1 product

Tinted moisturizers are a combination of light foundation, moisturiser and sunscreen (SPF 15 atleast), so they are a great way to cut down on the number of products in your skin care routine.

Light and Breath-y

Te difference between foundations and tinted moisturizers is that the latter has less colour pigments and more humectants that hydrate your skin. Tinted moisturisers are lighter and more breathable. Also, these shades are comparatively easier to choose because they do not need to be exactly the colour of your skin. The sheer tint blends to match your skin tone minimising the chance of noticeable makeup lines between the face and neck.

Is it for you?

As great as they seem, consider your skin type before opting for a tinted moisturiser. Remember, they are not as heavy as normal foundations, nor do they provide as much coverage for women with poor complexions. While it does a great job of evening the skin tone, it may not completely hide blemishes or other imperfections. The product is good for women with dry skin but if you have naturally oily skin, you may want to steer clear of tinted moisturisers, as they can make the skin oilier. 


Inveda BB Cream: Enriched with Almond& Magnolia, BB Cream provides protection to skin along with other multiple benefits. It effectively conceals blemishes, fine lines & wrinkles & is a perfect base for makeup. Also, hydrates & tones Skin. It is Anti Ageing & has SPF 20 which protects Skin from UVA & UVB rays of the Sun. BB Cream Matt suits wheatish complexion. CLICK HERE to view product.

Seasoul HD Finish CC Cream With SPF 20: It helps to correct discoloration left behind by acne, scars, sun damage & uneven skin tones. This unique formula contains Dead Sea Minerals , Moroccan Argan & Goji Berries known for Hydration, Anti Bacterial. Anti Oxidant & Oil Control Giving that perfect No Makeup look without blocking the pores. CLICK HERE to view product.

Natio Young Tinted Spot Cream: Anti blemish treatment blends with skin to camouflage redness and attack spots. For oily and combination skin types. Helps clear unwanted spots and soothes the skin. Turmeric to help tone and heal. Orange oil to cleanse and refresh. CLICK HERE to view product.

Cheat Tip – Out of your bottle of tinted moisturiser? Mix your favourite face cream with some foundation and use…



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