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Published on May 18th, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir

IDOL TALK: Flawless, the Tricky Way!

Looking groomed 24X7 is impossible – here are some cheat tricks by celebs and their make-up artists!

Many or most of us have faced “ugly” days when our skin refuses to cooperate, or we have a zit on our nose or we look haggard. It does happen to the best of us, including the revered celebs – so here’s how to combat it all – with cheat tips and tricks from the industry experts!

Deepika Padukone’s Pampering Solutions!

Hard to imagine that this gorgeous diva could have a bad hair, skin or beauty day but says Deepika, “For us celebs, I think it’s doubly hard to have, let’s just call it, a bad-mirror day! Other than making us feel bad and a little less confident, we also have to live with bad pictures and comments splashed all over. So if I’m not looking or feeling my best, I simply give some TLC to my skin. Maybe a mask, a facial or even a body wrap if there’s time. If my skin glows, I’m good to go.”

FAB BAG Says: A great idea, if you pamper yourself, you’re bound to look and feel better. If you’re out of time, just give those extra 10 minutes to your skin – slather on a mask or use a home-made scrub. Pampering shows!

Bharat & Dorris Godambe’s Make-Up Tips

Tired skin shows by looking dull and slightly puffed. Say the gurus, “Start with splashing your face with cold water. Drop the foundation as it can make you look cakey and just go with a tinted moisturiser and compact. Then open out the eyes with multiple coats of mascara. Next, go with a deeper shade of lipstick than you normally wear. It contrasts with the skintone and makes you look alive. Finally, blow-dry your hair into a silky, shiny mass of waves. You’re party ready!”

FAB BAG Says: Super tips, and if you’re out of tinted moisturiser, mix equal parts of normal moisturiser with foundation…

Bipasha Basu’s Endorphin Power!

Bipasha Basu, best known for her bold scenes, dusky beauty and toned body that belies her years, believes in exercising for beauty… Says this gorgeous diva, “If me or my skin is feeling or looking a bit down in the dumps, I hit the gym instead of a spa. May sound strange but exercising firstly really opens those pores, and makes you detoxify with the sweating. Add to that the feel-good hormones – the endorphins – and you get that glow back in no time. Steam and a relaxing shower plus light make-up and you’re back to glowing!”

FAB BAG Says: Great idea, just make sure you exercise within limits lest you get a bodyache instead of a glow!

Vipul Bhagat’s Icy Ideas!

A big name to contend with when it comes to make-up, this celebrity make-up guru has seen and done it all. Says Vipul, “You can trick your skin into looking rested, even if you didn’t seen the bed at all last night! Whatever time you finally get home, put your moisturiser and a wet face towel n the fridge. Next, remove all traces of make-up from your skin. In the morning, or whichever time you have to leave, first put the cold towel on your face for 5 minutes. Then slather on the moisturiser – any puffiness will vanish and your face would look fresh and glowy. Carry on with light make-up and party on!”

FAB BAG Says: Give you that ice-cold water effect, without any pain!


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