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Published on May 19th, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir

TIPS & TRICKS: One, or the Other

Substitution is the key when you run out of a beauty product just when you need to look your best…

All set to get ready and you realise you are out of that one thing that you really depend on to look stunning! Since a trip to the market may not be on the agenda, what do you do? Just learn to substitute.

Out of foundation?

Use loose powder, compact or concealer. Take some moisturiser in your palm and tap out powder or a drop of concealer. Mix well to get an even consistency and then apply as you would a foundation.

Out of concealer?

That thick goopy residue left in the rings around the top of your foundation bottle can come in handy as a concealer. Pat on lightly with your ring finger lest you put on too much.

Out of mascara?

Use petroleum jelly aka your trusty Vaseline. Dab a little on your lashes and then comb through with a lash comb or mascara wand to ensure your lashes glisten with romance and not jelly!

Out of eyeliner?

A dark eye shadow can be a perfect substitute. Dampen an eyeliner brush with water, dip it in the corner of the eye shadow so as to not wet the entire cake and then draw along your upper lashes. You can go with any colour you like for a bolder and non-conformist look!

Out of eye shadow?

Your bronzer or blush can come in handy, though the choice of colours would be limited to shades of pink or brown. The other thing you can do is use your eyeliner pencil. Take a clean plastic bowl and crush a bit of the pencil in, add a drop or two of foundation and mix well till you get the desired shade. Use a Q-tip or ear bud to apply as you would an eyeshadow.

Out of lipstick?

Blush would do – if you have a crème or gel blush, dip your fingers in and pat onto lips. Else if you have powder blush the tap a little powder onto a clean plastic bowl and add some Vaseline or lip gloss. Mix well and pat on lips for a soft, sensual look.

Out of blush?

It works in reverse too, so you can use lipstick as blush. Do remember that lipstick has much more pigment than blush, meaning a pink blush sits much lighter on your cheeks than the same shade of lipstick. To avoid going overboard, start with a tiny dab then gradually increase the colour. You can also mix a bit of the lipstick with foundation to lighten the colour.


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