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Published on May 22nd, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir

TO BUY OR: Serums In, Creams Out?

The new fangled serums with ‘active’ ingredients are slowly edging out creams, or are they?

Although cosmetics companies are now using the term a bit too liberally, a typical serum is water based rather than water-and-oil based. This makes it easier for the skin to absorb it. Experts say that thanks to its smaller molecules, it penetrates deeper into the layers of our skin. And, the biggest reason that they are rapidly replacing creams is that they typically contain topical active ingredients such as Vitamin C, peptides, ceramides, niacinamides, alpha hydroxyl acids, retinoids that reach deep into the skin.

Do YOU need them?

TVCs would like you to believe that a serum is must for you irrespective of your skin type but if your skin is normal and trouble-free, a hydrating cream should be good enough to take care of the moisturising needs. However skin woes such as acne, dullness, fine lines, pigmentation and more can cause for the targeted attention that serums provide!

The price factor:

It has been scientifically demonstrated that serums are better at depositing nutrients so you do have a better shot at improving your skin concerns and conditions. If you are able to find the right serum for your skin, it IS definitely worth the price. The catch, of course, is that this can be daunting with the jazzy names and yummy ad campaigns. Also, they can be exorbitant. Keep the following in mind to determine if it’s worth it:

  • Go through the ingredients list. The percentage of active ingredients like peptides, anti-oxidants, ceramides, hyaluronic acids, retinoids typically justify the price. The higher the better…
  • Try before you buy for 1 week. No matter how great the product is, it will not completely eliminate your wrinkles or pigmentation, but if you do feel a difference, you are on the right track.

For maximum absorption, use the serum after thorough cleansing and toning. Apply all over clean face and use fingers to pat the serum into the skin. Wait for about 10-15 minutes for the serum to be absorbed and then use your moisturiser or sunscreen on top of the serum to form a protective seal and allow the serum to deliver the ingredients deeper into your skin. Most importantly – do read the instructions thoroughly.


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Naked Overnight Elixir Serum: This overnight repair wear miracle serum makes your skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom. No kidding! Nourishing avocado and healing rose hip oils will restore elasticity, work away pigmentation, prevent premature ageing & is full of antioxidants. Extracts of Germanium and Lavender will balance and revitalize you. CLICK HERE to view product.

Thalgo Intense Regulating Serum: Containing high concentrations of Controlamine™ and Burdock, Vitamin B8 and Zinc Complex, the Intense Regulating Serum is designed to help regulate the skin’s sebum levels. Your pores gradually appear tighter and your complexion more even. CLICK HERE to view product.

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