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Published on June 6th, 2015 | by Sharmila Chand

GET PREACHY: Beauty, within

Sometimes bad skin is not just about cosmetics or the environment; it’s about the mistakes we make, inside out!

The biggest obstacle to glowing healthy skin is our own attitude in life. We thrive on blame game theory and ruin our health and beauty. We need to overcome this and realise that aside from every single obligation we have towards our family, job, friends – is our own self. Let us identify our normal damaging acts of everyday life which need immediate control measures:

  • Less, bad or no sleep: High time we realise the importance of good (at least 7 hours) sleep. Late nights, hectic travel schedules and erratic work flow puts sound sleep in a dock. It affects not just the body, but mind too and reflects on the face. So do make sleep a priority. 
  • Skipping breakfast: Late to bed and late to rise; rushing to work without proper breakfast is what we do most of the time. How hazardous it is for our health and looks, we do not realise. You need a good breakfast to start your day with a great body metabolism to function. The first meal of the day fuels your body and your mind. So don’t skip on your morning fuel-up.
  • Weight loss, the easy way: Having long breaks in between meals to lose weight is the myth we follow. The reality is that it leads to many problems like acidity, sagging of skin and so on. Pep up your metabolism and energise your body and mind with healthy snacking in between meals. The choice of snacks matter though. They should be healthy and not loaded with calories. So go for frequent, smaller meals or snacks throughout the day and you won’t be starving when mealtime comes around. Your digestive system will function better.
  • The big S of stress: Work, family and social issues get piled up in the mind. We don’t give them a vent and have frequent stressful moments. It all reflects on our face and more often we look like raging bulls. So it is not a bad idea to treat yourself to a massage, a pedicure or a dance class when you need to unwind. Work on letting feelings of worry, anger or stress drifting away. Smiling often will help. 
  • Self realisation  We follow our life routine without giving a moment to our own self. What is it that we wish to do? What is our passion? How to fulfil our secret dreams? It could be as simple as sketching a tree or listening to a great album. We need to find that which touches our soul. Keep your private time to follow your heart and do what it says. Just find the thing you enjoy doing more than anything else, your one true passion, and do it when you’re exhausted and cranky. It could be anything – music, writing, drawing, acting, teaching – it really doesn’t matter. What matters is it will make you happy, look beautiful with a glowing skin!


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