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Published on June 8th, 2015 | by Yashodhara Ghosh

THERE SHE GOES: Brighter, the better

Want to revamp the palette of dull greys and muddy browns? Here are a few simple ways in which to infuse some fun colours into this drab season!

Nailing it

Painting your nails in bright hues. Jazz it up by using sets of colours instead of a single one – pair an orange with an indigo blue, two hues that go well with the season’s colour scheme. Knock yourself out … alternate the colours on your nails or use two on the same nail. There’s no end to the possibilities! But don’t go overboard: use two or three colours and distribute them wisely through your ensemble.

Peeper pop

  • Lined up: The eyes provide the perfect palette for that unexpected pop of colour. Even if you keep the rest of the face bare, dramatic eyes do enough to keep drabness at bay. How about a light dusting of orange eye shadow? Or a bold line of indigo eyeliner? These are fun colours that are easy on the eyes, even at daytime. For that smouldering look at night, choose glamorous, demure hues like copper and gunmetal.
  • Shadow play: You don’t have to limit your eye colour to liners. Choose a daring shade of eye shadow like Orange and sweep it over the entire lid to get that uber-cool graphic art inspired look. Our colours of choice this season are olive, teal, baby blue and deep blue, but you could go wild with oranges and pinks. Use a shadow primer, and make sure all the eye makeup is waterproof.
  • Two-tone trick: If all this is sounding just too tame, there are better ways to block the blues: colour blocking! You could use a bright colour of your choice on the entire upper eyelid, and then use a darker shade of the same colour to line on the lower lid. Team a coral shadow on the upper lashes with a pink or magenta on the lower. Use a smudge brush to spread. The rains are also a good time to use shimmery shades.
  • Side by side: You usually blend eye shadows from the lash line to the brow line upwards, right? How about changing direction and layering them side by side? Choose three similar colours – say purple, teal, ice blue – and lay them on horizontally, one blending into the other. Use the lightest shade on the inner corner and the darkest on the outer.

Lip b-lock

Add to the monsoon mayhem: break that cardinal makeup rule that tells you to tone down bold eyes by keeping the rest of the face bare. Compliment your whacky eye colour with a bright pink matte, or a glossy orange. The results can be quite eye-catching. So go on, push the envelope a bit this season. ‘Tis the season to be crazy!



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