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Published on June 17th, 2015 | by Sanjana Raman

Perfect Weekend Plans For Single Women

As modern single women, we love spending time by ourselves. Due to our hectic work schedules, we often do not have the luxury of time to bond with others – or ourselves.

The weekend is the perfect time for some ‘me time’, or rekindling relationships with your loved ones.

Here are some weekend plans for single women:

Dine by yourself

Women rarely eat alone, but it can be so much fun! It’s about time you put aside your phone, switch off the television and enjoy your favourite dish. Lay out the culinary masterpiece that you love, with a glass of your favourite drink, and have a candlelight dinner with yourself in a quiet milieu. You will not only love the food, but you will find your own company delectable.

Teenage slumber party for all ages


This is fun, irrespective of what age you are at. Ask your pals to wear their favourite pyjamas, and gather at a friend’s house. Whether it’s twister or dumb charades, playing games at a slumber party is the perfect way to let loose and de-stress. Being a teenager again is undoubtedly thrilling.

Horror movie marathon

The moment you come back home Friday evening, start making some popcorn, and curl up on your sofa. Watch a bunch of horror movies you’ve always wanted to, but never had the guts (or time) for. Test your courage by watching the scariest movies ever made, alone.

Spa Day

Spa Day

This one’s a classic, but never fails. After a taxing week, it’s natural that you’ll want to relax. So switch off your phone and go to a spa. Pamper yourself, and get pampered. The ambiance of the spa itself will reduce your stress. This will prepare you for the challenging week ahead.

Visit a lake

Whether the lake is far away or in your vicinity, it is definitely worth the trip. Ensure that you go before or after rush hour, since you will be able to enjoy the silence.  Take your camera with you, to capture the beauty of the lake and the bird life around. Try boat riding, if it’s permissible. Also, try reading a novel in the serene atmosphere.

Visit a relative/friend you’ve haven’t seen in a while

With our hectic schedules, we rarely have time for ourselves, let alone our loved ones. All of us have that one relative or friend that we’ve always promised to visit, but something always pops up, and we postpone that visit. So make an appointment with them and ensure that you don’t miss the chance of meeting them this time. Reconnect and reignite the previous bond you had, and have an honest conversation. You may not know when you will see them next.

Recreate a tough recipe

Now we all have that one recipe we want to perfect, but always fail to! Reserve a weekend to master that culinary dish, so that next time, you won’t have to order it from the restaurant.

Spend this weekend, doing what you’ve always wanted to do – and the week ahead will seem all the more enjoyable!

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