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Published on June 19th, 2015 | by Sanjana Raman

Watch Out For the Bad Habits That Can Ruin Your Relationship!

Everyone has bad habits. However, some specific bad ones seem to come out in full force in relationships! Often, these can ruin the relationship completely.


Here are some bad habits we need to watch out for in a relationship.

Giving your partner’s opinion 

When you’re asked for your opinion about anything, irrespective of whether it’s a TV show or a political party, don’t include your partner’s view in your response. Your partner may be an inseparable part of your life, but it’s your point of view people want to know, not your partner’s. This may annoy the other party, and gives the impression that you do all the talking for your partner. This may irritate your partner as well. So just stop talking on their behalf!

Assuming your partner always knows how you feel

Whether you’ve been dating for five months or five years, your partner may not always know what you’re feeling. If you’re not in the mood to do something together or even converse, make it clear. Explain your current state of mind, and ask them to give you the space you need. Your lack of enthusiasm and unresponsiveness will hurt them, especially if they’re excited about the activity, or want to give you some good news. You may be exhausted, or simply uninterested – this is not always evident. Communicate, Communicate! Don’t take it for granted that they know what you want.

Stalking your partner on the Internet

You may want to know more about your partner, and glancing at their Facebook photos or tweets may tell you a lot. But there’s no need to like every picture, or respond to every tweet. Don’t leave comments like ‘When did you to the club?’ or ‘Who is this person you’re with?’ They may answer your queries in the beginning, but this makes your partner feel cornered. They will think twice before putting up photos or tweeting, since they know that you’re watching every move, and this can prove detrimental to your relationship.

Not giving them space

When your partner is out with friends or family, don’t assume that you’re always invited. They would want to spend time with others as well. You can’t tag along with them everywhere. Your significant other may not like the fact that you’re always around them. Respect your partner’s individuality and space. You are a part of their life, just like they are a part of yours – be a healthy part of each other’s lives, rather than trying to take over the whole!

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