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Published on June 22nd, 2015 | by Anju Jayaram

10 Reasons Why Everyone Wants To Get You Married

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In our culture, marriage is seen as the cure for all problems – real or imagined. Once the girl or boy complete their education, all the chachas, chachis and even distant cousins want to get them married. They look at them as prospective brides or grooms at every family function.

Here are 10 hilarious reasons why parents and other family members want to play matchmaker:

  1.  If my daughter gets older than 23, no one will marry her!
  2. My daughter was singing love songs the other day. Let’s get her married before she starts getting ideas about sex.
  3. My daughter is getting more involved in her career, let’s gets her married, so that she comes to her senses and becomes a homely wife.
  4. Because the neighbors’ son was looking at my daughter in ‘that’ way.
  5. Marriage will cure my son’s homosexuality issues and reform him.
  6. My son is a drug addict and everyone knows that marriage is the best rehab.
  7. My son is getting transferred to another city and there is no one to cook for him.
  8. We want to retire and need someone to look after us, so let’s get a daughter-in-law who will stay at home.
  9. We haven’t had a party for a long time in the family.
  10. My daughter has always wanted to go abroad, so let’s get her married.

If you are hearing these reasons from your family, you will need to #TakeCharge and make it clear that you’ll get married when the time is right for YOU!

A longer version of this post was originally published at Women’s Web.

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