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Published on June 25th, 2015 | by Gayatri Dahiya

WEATHER WISE: Limp Hair Help

Want bouncy, shiny hair like the stars in commercials, but stuck looking like Snape (from Harry Potter, of course) instead?

Curly loves flat but most gals with straight hair have a common complaint: limp, oily, lifeless hair that seems to show no respite. I’ve often told a friend with poker straight hair, just how jealous I am of her freedom to wash and go, but I’m instantaneously shot down with a “Do you know how much I shell out on blow drying, Velcro curlers, volumising shampoos, and I’m STILL stuck with flat, limp hair that takes no shape and holds no style?” I sympathise, and I suspect, she’s not the only one with that predicament. Limp hair is characterised by very fine texture that is easily weighed down by shampoos and products. Limpness is primarily caused by excessive sebum secretion – control the oil, and you’ve figured your first cure for limp hair. The weather is no friend of limp hair either, extreme heat and humidity increases oil secretion, which further aggravates this condition (and explains why a lot of us, Indian women, complain of limp hair). Additionally, genetics too play a large role in determining the texture and fullness of hair; so, if your parents and grandparents had oily, limp hair, that could explain why you do too.

What to do?

The factors aside, here are some quick fixes to add some bounce-y-bounce to flat hair:

  1. Wash hair everyday: Use a clear shampoo, that won’t weigh down your hair, and wash everyday. Since limpness is caused by oil secretion – the idea is to keep your hair and scalp as un-sticky as possible. Also, skip conditioner.
  2. Don’t over-brush: Don’t be too tempted into brushing your hair too often. Brushing stimulates the sebum secretion, and results in oily hair. So, go easy on the brushing.
  3. Backcomb: The age-old trick of backcombing may seem cumbersome, but is actually the BEST way to fix limpness. Simply take section-by-section, and backcomb gently, and then brush it out. Voila! Natural bounce in a jiffy. Be sure to backcomb and set well around the crown, since limp hair tends to flatten out around the crown first.
  4. Blow dry upside-down: When blow drying, throw your hair forward and run the dryer (and your brush) from the nape downwards to the ends of the hair. Stylists recommend this each time to add long-lasting body and bounce.
  5. Use dry shampoo, or powder: When rushed for time, just dab some powder to the roots or spritz on some dry shampoo and brush upside-down. Not only will this absorb the oil, but will also add body to the hair.
  6. Roll on Velcro Curlers: If you’ve got some time on your hands, Velcro curlers could be your best friend. Use dry shampoo, and place Velcro rollers in already dry hair to lift the roots and create movement. Leave it in with some light-hold hairspray, and you’ll see instant volume.

Un-limp me?

Super Home Recipe: Peel two bananas and mash them in a blender; add one tbsp of olive oil and some lemon juice to this mixture. Mix well, and apply this banana mask on your hair and leave on for about 30 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water to reveal shinier, bouncier hair.


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