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Published on June 29th, 2015 | by Yashodhara Ghosh

REAL BEAUTY: Mind your Manners

Having good looks is great and even better is grooming, but best of all is having impeccable manners…

Mastered the beauty bible but still having no luck with the laws of attraction? Think long and hard: is it something you do, rather than the way you look, that’s making you repulsive to the object of your affections? Follow our commandments for good manners, and you will want not, in love or in friendship.

Thou shall not slouch. There is nothing more jarring than beautiful clothes on an arching back that’s drooping downward like all the worries of the world were upon it. Not only is bad posture a big turn-off, but studies indicate that it can even contribute to depression, besides leading to permanent and painful problems like spondylosis. Straighten up, puff up that chest with pride, carry those clothes with confidence and see how many more smiles – and how much more work – you get out of people.

Thou shalt not chew on thy fingernails. Scarred, uneven, half-eaten cuticles and nails don’t just speak of poor hygiene. They are often indications of underlying psychological problems, like obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). So obsessive nail biting not only gives you chapped painful cuticles and predisposes them to infection, it also marks you out as someone who has problems concentrating, or dealing with anxiety and work pressure. Not the kind of impression you want to give your boss, surely? So whether it’s by coating your nails with polish, getting an expensive manicure or keeping your nails trimmed short beyond the reach of your teeth, this is a habit that you have to ditch NOW.

Though shalt not crack thy knuckles. Yes, we agree, it feels great, but it sounds terrible, and gives the general impression that you are idling. Chronic knuckle cracking may even cause soft tissue damage and decrease your ability to grasp objects.

Thou shalt not yawn noisily with thy mouth wide open. We’ve all been there: that party last night lasted till the wee hours, and all that lost sleep is catching up with you at work. We can forgive a few involuntary yawns, but the hand must, at all costs, cover the mouth. No one deserves to see the inner contours of your gaping oral cavity and lose sleep or appetite over the trauma.

Thou shalt not talk with thy mouth full. Of all the poor habits that you must cast off, this is arguably in most poor taste, sure to completely gross out the other person. In your desperation to spill the beans on something, don’t spill out food as well! If you must speak while you chew, cover your mouth.





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