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Published on June 30th, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir

FAB BAG PICKS: Sleep Beauty, Sleep…

Sunday passed in a blaze of glory? No worries, here’s what you can do to look gorgeous, overnight!

Everyone wants Sundays to be relaxing and to have some of that precious “me” time to figure in salon trips, beauty remedies and perhaps some beauty sleep et al. But often Saturdays and Sundays slip by without you getting that magic time. How to look gorgeous through the week then? Try our super overnight tips and tricks!

Oh-so-soft hands (and feet)

While brushing your teeth, fill up a tub with nicely warm water and throw in some Epsom salts (substitute with 2tbsp salt and honey each if out of them) and soak hands and feet for five minutes. Use exfoliating gloves or a rough wash cloth and give them a brisk rub. Now slather on a rich hands and feet moisturizer or body butter. Slip on cotton gloves and socks. Morning will find you with soft hands and feet that look pretty even without polish!

A glowing visage

Over the sink, clean and exfoliate your face for a clean slate so to speak. Then use a good “treatment” serum/cream – anti-ageing is a good bet due to their retinol or ceramide content’s skin “plumping” action. Then seal in with a good moisturizer, but be sure to use a non-comedogenic one. Now, try using a pure cotton or silk pillow slip and sleep face up. Also, give the AC a skip for some humidifying action on the skin. Morning is sure to find you glowing.

A great hair day

Before you go to bed, wash your hair. Let your hair air dry some and then on still-damp hair, apply a good hair product – curling or frizz-free serum, smoothing cream for rough hair or just about any styling product that you like. Now divide your hair in three or four sections and braid it, till the very end. Use a soft velvet hairbands to secure. You can also choose to loosely tie a silk or satin scarf on your hair to prevent any flyaways. In the morning before you head to office, open your braids, spray some styling spray and be ready for complements for your “mermaid” waves! Effortless and so chic!

Sleep tight!



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