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Published on July 10th, 2015 | by Ahana Basu

THERE SHE GOES: Lively in Peach

A super dramatic life like hers in Gossip Girl, be married to Ryan Reynolds and look like we stepped out of the pages of Vogue, all the time – wouldn’t it be fun to be Blake Lively?

Let’s just stop what we’re doing for a moment and admit that, somewhere, deep down, we want to be Blake Lively. So while we cannot be her, here’s how to get her naturally pretty look.


Get her look

  • Skin tints: Blake’s got true-blonde skin that is usually lightly tanned, just enough to keep her from being too pale. Here, she’s used matte foundation and translucent powder that keeps any hint of shine at bay, yet makes her skin glow. It’s been blended well enough so it doesn’t look unnaturally white. On her cheeks she sports a coral-pink blush, that makes her cheeks look naturally healthy and gives them the slightest bit of plumpness, so her face doesn’t look too long and is balanced out. The colouring gives her whole face a lift, without being too obvious about it.
  • Eyeing the prize: Having kept her all-over look subtle and soft, Blake’s gone for a little drama on the eyes. A bit of white eyeshadow on her browbone and sweep of bronze-brown shadow blended on her eyelid off-sets her sapphire-blue eyes.  What’s really set of the look is that she’s used lashings of mascara on both her upper and lower lashes to draw attention to her eyes and the spiky look her lashes have got gives her a little bit of an edge.
  • Lip service: Blake’s upper lip is on the thinner side, while her lower lip is a full, pouty delight. In keeping with the clean, hassle-free look, Blake has used a peachy-pink toned lipstick on her lips, topped with a hint of sheer gloss daubed in the middle of the lower lip to give it some shine and draw more attention to it.
  • Braided!  Braids are in, whether you’re making them in a full, complicated French-style or a feminine side-braid. Blake keeps her hairdo soft and classic, putting in some cute, casual braidwork and leaving the rest to flow in waves around her face. This gives her a pretty, casual look, draws attention away from her wide forehead and keeps the look from being too severe.

 What’s the look telling you?

Keeping it fun, fresh and flirty doesn’t mean you need to look like a 13-year-old who just discovered her mother’s makeup drawer. Neither do you have to look like an overdone wannabe starlet with heavy eye makeup and vampire-red lips. Blake’s look says she’s confident not looking like a conventional diva, and that a natural look can actually bring out your assets better than an overdose of anything. Maybe you don’t have Ryan Reynolds on your arm, but you can still emulate this look to look and feel fabulous.


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