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Published on July 15th, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir

Make up, not made-up!

Looking great on d-day is every woman’s dream but when it comes to warpaint, less is always more!

Always wanted the au naturel look but don’t know how or where to begin? Make-up should be a secret weapon in your arsenal of beauty, secret being the key word. Looking natural doesn’t entail going make-up free but to use the right shades with a light hand enough to create a modicum of perfection, but without being too perfect! Here’s how to go about getting a ‘fresh’ look that is sure to set hearts racing…

  • Hair: Keep your natural texture alive – straight, wavy or downright kinky – all is good. Just gather hair back loosely on the nape of your neck and make a messy ponytail. Leave a few tendrils free and use a styling spray to curl a little with your finger (or use a curling iron if you have poker straight hair).  Spritz a little hair spray to keep the “messy-ness” in place and in control.
  • Skin: While you are doing your hair, put on a quick face mask to give your skin a lift. You can actually slip the face mask into the fridge for 15-20 minutes – the coldness will refresh your skin further. Else, dip a cotton pad in cold milk to exfoliate and brighten your skin, and apply all over your face, neck and décolleté. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water.
  • Nails: Nails can be painted in shades of nude, pink or in a transparent shade.
  • Face: For the day, use serum and sunscreen and let both sit on your skin and dry before you start with any colour. Next, use a tinted moisturiser (else mix foundation with moisturizer in equal potions) and then seal with a compact. For the night, skip the sunscreen and use two parts foundation to one part moisturiser for more coverage.
  • Eyes: For fair skin, use a soft crème eye shadow in pink or peach on the upper eyelid and a soft white eye shadow on the lower eyelid; blend well. For dusky skin dress up eyes in bronze eye shadow applied evenly. Use a soft brown liner on the lower lid. A single coat of mascara completes the look for either.
  • Cheeks: For fair skin, use a deep blush just a little to the side of your cheeks and for the dusky, opt for a darker blush or simply use a bronzer…
  • Lips: Top off lips with a soft pink gloss if fair or glossy beige if dusky.
  • Accessories: One bling accessory is enough – it could be a whopper of a diamond ring, or faux diamante drops or just a pendant that winks for attention. In jewellery too, less is more!

FAB BAG PICKS for Natural Glam Look
Sebastian Volupt Spray
Raise hair into spectacular stage-filling styles with the cushion particle technology that best combines full-on volume and sensual softness. This styling spray gives you voluminous locks that look naturally gorgeous. CLICK HERE to view product.
MUA Intense Kisses Lip Gloss
This high-intensity lip gloss adds just the right amount of glamour to your lips whether you’re strutting down the street or the red carpet. Create a natural look by using the shades ‘Sweet Nothings’ and ‘Sealed with a Kiss’. CLICK HERE to view product.
Be a Bombshell Eye Shadow Quad
The Be a Bombshell Eye Shadow Quad – Madrid contains highly pigmented warm shades that can give you an effortlessly natural look. It can also be used as an eye liner by dipping the end of the brush in water, then in the eye shadow and applying it on your lash line. CLICK HERE to view product.



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