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Published on July 15th, 2015 | by Soma Priya

FAB BAG RUSH: But, my butt?

We all crave booty-licious appeal. The moment we try a new pair of jeans inside the trial room, we turn around to see if it fits firm on our rear. But is our rear firm enough to begin with?

Remember Ricky Martin’s ‘Shake your Bon-Bon’ song. Phew, what great rears the models had…toned, firm, taut. Well, when it comes to sculpted glutes, neither bigger is essentially better nor flatter is good either. So if you fall in either category, here’s your chance to learn the secret of buns of steel.

Work those glutes

You have to agree that there is no substitute for exercise. With some bum-blasting exercises, you can attain sculpted glutes.

  • Tap your toes: Lie down with your back on a mat and keep your arms to your side. Keep your knees bent so that your calf muscles are parallel to the floor and thighs are perpendicular to floor. Now slowly tap the floor with the toes of the right leg keeping the left leg as it is. Now repeat with left leg. Alternate this for 20 times. This helps in toning up loose skin at the end of the butts.
  • Pelvic lift: Lie down with your back on a mat and your arms to your side. Keep your knees bent towards ceiling. Now gradually lift your bottoms up towards the ceiling. Squeeze in your buttocks. Hold this position for 5 seconds and then gradually come back to your original position. Repeat this for 10 times.
  • Lunges: All types of lunges, be it front lunge or reverse lunge does work a lot in toning the butts. Lunges should be carried with 5-10 lb dumbbells for maximum benefit. If dumb bells are not available, a one liter bottle of water can be used. Two sets of lunges should be done, one from each leg. Also while doing lunges, your abdominal muscles must be stretched inwards so that you secretly tone them as well.
  • Squats: Squats are a great way of shaping rear end. While squatting, tension should be felt in the rear end and not in the back or calf muscles. If that is the case, ask an expert to help you out. You might be performing it incorrectly. As you get comfortable with normal squats, try lifting some weight in your stretched arms and then perform squats. Results will be superb.
  • Step up the ladder: Staircases make amazing exercising equipment. They not only tones calf muscles of the legs but also tone and shape butts. Knock the door to your 10th or 15th floor neighbor. Believe me it will help.
  • Cardio a must: Do not forget cardio exercises. Though they directly do not help in toning rear, but they help in burning fat and toning in general.

Watch your diet

All said and done, all thiscan go for a toss if you continue stuffing yourself with junk which in turn will pile extra fat on you making your rear wobble like jelly. Lots of fiber, fruits and a high-protein diet with carbohydrates that are maximum during breakfast and minimum during dinner will work fantastic in tandem with your workout to give that really nice rear. 

A secret tip: Want your rear area to be the highlight? Wear a long shirt or a tunic shirt and go for huge belts tied at the tiniest area of your tummy. This will accentuate your butts and will appear toned. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your pair of fitness shoes and off to get a bootylicious bod!


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