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Published on July 15th, 2015 | by Arushi Chaudhary

OFF-BEAUTY: Spot on!

Beauty spots are great if natural, but look equally sensual even if created – some of these marks are to die for, and have a universal appeal.

Typically, beauty spots or marks are just facial moles that have been looked at as desirable features on a woman’s face or body; hence the name. Though these moles have been a rage since the medieval times in European, Chinese and Greek cultures, their surging popularity in the recent decades can be attributed to celebrities flaunting their beauty spots both on and off screen. The concept became a rage with Marilyn Monroe’s perfect black spot that stood out even amidst flawlessly styled hair, glossy lips and eyes accentuated with liners and shadows. The much talked about Cindy Crawford mole or beauty spots on celebs such as Eva Mendes, Angelina Jolie and Mariah Carey are known to have caught fancy of many a woman, so much so that those not blessed with a beauty mark do not hesitate in creating one for themselves!


Five Hot Beauty Spots 

Moles and beauty spots are not mutually inclusive – which is to say that not every mole is a beauty mark. If a mole sits pretty on the tip of your nose, it is by no means attractive and you are better off covering it up with some make-up. Only when you know your beauty marks well can you accentuate them for maximum effect. This holds true for even those you’d like to create artificial beauty mark for that sassy appeal. Here is a lowdown on five most attractive beauty spots on and around a woman’s face. 

  • Near the Lips: Imagine just the right black spot above your lips! It not only works wonders in drawing attention to your exfoliated, glossy lips but also makes them dazzle that much more. The famous Cindy Crawford mole on the top left edge of her upper lip added an extra ‘oomph’ to her looks. The 1990s fashion icon is beautiful not despite but because of her beauty spot.
  • On the Cheek: If you have an otherwise spotless and clear face, a mole on either cheek can be your beauty spot to die for. The legendary beauty, Marilyn Monroe, lent a cult status to this beauty spot. Even today, she’s considered one of the most beautiful women to have been born in recent times. A look up close at her pictures will tell you how much that beauty mark had to do with it.
  • Chin: The chin is perhaps the most neglected part of a woman’s facial features, unless, of course, it has a beauty mark to compliment it. A beauty mark on the chin lends a certain sense of definition to the face, heightening its total effect on the ‘eyes of the beholder’.
  • Neck: As a proud owner of a beauty mark on the centre of my neck, I can safely conclude of you have one, you don’t need any adornments around the neck to make it look stunning. In fact, it is best to go bare around the neck for a heightened effect.
  • Chest: If you are fan of plunging necklines and deep-cut blouses or tops, a beauty spot on the chest works like a cherry on the cake. A beauty mark on the centre – or even the sides – of your cleavage is a great attention drawer of all times.


If you have them, flaunt them; and if you don’t, creating one with a kohl pencil wouldn’t be such a bad start.




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