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Published on July 15th, 2015 | by Ahana Basu

TIPS & TRICKS: Off with the blues

With the rains still pelting down, life isn’t exactly all sunshine and roses. So if you’re feeling a little grey and gloomy, try this!

If the false ceiling of your rented kitchen has started to leak and the pizza you ordered just isn’t arriving and you’re dying of hunger, and the cable has gone off due to bad weather, enough about me…Whatever your rainy day blues are, there are ways to lighten up, even on a Monday morning…

A good day

  • Spa: Plan a spa day (or even an hour). This works in any season, really, but it works especial wonders when it’s cloudy with a chance of rain and you’re feeling a tad mopey. If you’re up for a professional spa, ensure you look out the treatments you really want. Or the ones you’ve always wanted to try out, but never have. Go for a Swedish massage or an aromatherapy one. Take the one with the extra head and neck rub. You’ll love every bit of it…
  • Retail therapy: Raining? Water logged to office? Take a furlough and go street-shopping instead. Your soul, wallet and wardrobe will be happy – and you can always check into a ped-spa for some much-needed foot massage thereafter.
  • Cooking spree: Cooking is a wonderfully satisfying endeavour, especially on days when you just feel like having a good moan. Prepare something warm and uncomplicated. Some soup or spicy curry or just pull a recipe out of somewhere and try it. Homemade food, especially dishes you created is truly happiness.
  • Rain? Dance! If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. The rains are here for a while and sitting around complaining isn’t going to change that. Organise a rain dance. Grab a friend with a terrace, some good music and a sporting crowd. Break out those fluorescent flip-flops you’ve been dying to show off and your best waterproof mascara!
  • Get the drive: A long drive on a rainy day is soothing and uplifting all at once. Pack some sandwiches and head out by yourself or with a chosen crowd. Spend a day appreciating the rain.
  • Happy feet: Treat yourself to a pedicure or do one at home. Bring out your brightest shades of nail paint and watch your feet bloom and your mood lift.
  • Movie magic: Old movies on rainy days are lovely. If you’re a fan of rhe Merchant-Ivory films, curl up with ‘A Room with a View.’ Or go classic with Casablanca or Gone With the Wind
  • Make it over: Getting a makeover is one of the most fun things ever and guaranteed to perk you up. Get a radically new haircut and splurge on makeup you probably wouldn’t usually wear.
  • Love stories: Line up all your favourite romance novels and some big bags of chips. From Eric Segal to Julia Quinn to really trashy Mills and Boon, indulge yourself fully.
  • Nap time: Personally, a fluffy blanket and a bed are my favourite way to spend a rainy day. Stay in your pyjamas, drink lots of hot drinks and just catch up on your lazing




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